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After win, Osaka skips news conference in Paris, as promised

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That didn't mean she avoided a question about her problems succeeding on red clay. Osaka returned to Roland Garros after skipping the trip last time, turning in a mistake-filled 6-4, 7-6 (4) victory over 63rd-ranked ...

He promised to turn dirt into gold. He got millions of dollarsand prison time

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A Utah man promised investors his business could turn dirt into gold and swindled millions of dollars from them over several years, according to federal officials. Adesso, he has been sentenced to prison for his role i...

Olympic athletes promised legal support if they protest

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The pledges came one day after the International Olympic Committee confirmed its long-standing ban on "demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda" on the field of play, medal podiums or official cerem...

Trump ha promesso a tutti le migliori droghe — principalmente ha solo aiutato i suoi amici

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Quando il presidente Donald Trump è uscito da una degenza ospedaliera di tre notti per la sua infezione da coronavirus, fece un voto in un filmato sul South Lawn della Casa Bianca. "Voglio che a tutti venga riservato lo stesso trattamento che hai tu ...

Joe Biden promised to return things to normal. Is that even possible now?

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As Joe Biden edges ever closer to the 270 electoral votes he needs to defeat President Donald Trump, it's worth considering what politics will look like in the event the former vice president is elected -- and wheth...

A New Jersey school district promised to keep its snow days so kids can just be kids

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A New Jersey school district wants to keep at least one winter tradition from the pre-Covid days intact: the snow day. Mahwah Township Public Schools, a school district with approximately 3,000 students in Bergen Co...