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Lahren: Forced vaccines could be the latest in ‘shifting propaganda campaignof ‘tyrants

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"A new report shows nearly 40% of our United States Marines have declined getting a COVID vaccine and guess what, that is every bit their right to refuse," sy het gese. "It’s plain as day the Democrats have been playing...

Republican lawmakers slam Clubhouse for allowing Iran’s foreign minister to promote ‘propaganda

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Zarif spoke on Clubhouse on March 31 to defend a new pact between Iran and China, while several thousand people tuned in. The conservative lawmakers add the conversation also speaks to the agenda of Big Tech. "The Ir...

Vietnam court jails journalists critical of state for spreading ‘propaganda

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A court in Vietnam on Tuesday sentenced three freelance journalists known for their criticism of government to between 11 en 15 jare tronkstraf, after finding them guilty of spreading anti-state propaganda. Pham Chi...

Noord-Koreaanse oorlapper sê hy sal tronkstraf waag om Suid-Korea se verbod op propaganda-vakkies te trotseer

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'N Vooraanstaande Noord-Koreaanse oorlapper het belowe om voort te gaan om boodskappe na sy vaderland te stuur -- met die gevaar om tronk toe te gaan -- nadat Suid-Korea die bekendstelling van propagandablaadjies na Noord-Korea verbied het. Die verbod, p ...

Chinese air force propaganda video appears to use Hollywood movie clips

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Hong Kong A new Chinese air force propaganda video appears to use Hollywood movie clips in its depiction of an attack on a target resembling a United States Air Force base. The 2-minute, 15-second video, getiteld "Die ...

Trump bars ‘propagandatraining sessions on race in latest overture to his base

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Washington President Donald Trump on Friday night banned federal agencies from conducting workplace training sessions on race that constitute "verdelend, anti-American propaganda," the latest overture to his political...