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ICC prosecutor to launch formal investigation into alleged war crimes in Palestinian territories

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Jerusalem The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) has announced plans for a formal investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel in the Palestinian territories, prompting an angry response fr...

Atlanta DA requests an alternative prosecutor for two high-profile cases, including the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks

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The new district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia has asked that the state's attorney general to appoint an alternative prosecutor for two high-profile police use-of-force cases. District Attorney Fani T. Willis ...

Kentucky board denies request from Breonna Taylor’s family for special prosecutor

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The Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council declined to appoint a special prosecutor in the case of Breonna Taylor's March death in a botched police raid, according to a report by CNN affiliate WDRB. Taylor's mother,...

Die opposisieleiers van Ivoorkus staar die tronk in die gesig omdat hulle mededingende regering gevorm het — aanklaer

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Kandidate van die opposisie in die verkiesing van Ivoorkus staan ​​tereg op aanklagte van terrorisme en lewenslange tronkstraf omdat hulle die stemming veroordeel het en 'n mededingende regering geskep het ná die oorwinning van president Alassane Ouattara., 'n openbare vervolger ...

Man decapitated in Paris suburb, France’s anti-terror prosecutor says

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Paris France's anti-terror prosecutor said on Friday it was investigating the decapitation of a man in a suburb of Paris. The man was found decapitated in Éragny-sur-Oise, north-west of the French capital, and a susp...

Prosecutor resigns from Trump law enforcement commission, calls it ‘intent on providing cover for a predetermined agenda

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One of the four leading prosecutors chosen to be on President Donald Trump's law enforcement commission resigned last week after expressing "serious" concerns that the intention of the commission was not to bridge t...

Nora Dannehy, top prosecutor on John Durham team, bedank

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Nora Dannehy, a top prosecutor working for US Attorney John Durham, who is conducting the probe of the Russia investigation for Attorney General William Barr, has resigned, according to a spokesman for the US Attorn...