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Para aquellos con trastorno dismórfico corporal, las máscaras hacen más que proteger. Les ayudan a funcionar

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Para Lavinia Darr, un autobús público era un territorio peligroso. Estaban los otros pasajeros, a quien temía que estaría horrorizada por sus defectos físicos. Y estaban los espejos y las ventanas, que ella sabía que lo impulsaría ....

Being a better listener for your loved ones might protect their brain health, hallazgos del estudio

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Can you count on anyone to listen to you when you need to talk? Si es así, your brain might be more resilient in the face of any future age- or disease-related changes, according to a study published Monday in the journ...

"El océano es nuestro sistema de soporte vital": Kerstin Forsberg sobre por qué debemos proteger nuestros mares

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Nota del editor: Call to Earth es una iniciativa de CNN en asociación con Rolex. Kerstin Forsberg is a Rolex Award Laureate. Ever since she was a child, Kerstin Forsberg has been fascinated by the ocean. After finishi...

Significado. Algodón, Quemadura negra: Free speech is under fire on America’s college campuses. Here’s how we’ll protect it

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Hoy dia, going to college is less promising and more perilous for the thousands of young people who head to campus and immediately encounter angry activists and administrators intent on stifling the speech of anyone wh...

Veterans served to protect our country. Here’s where they can get served with deals and freebies today

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Veterans Day will be celebrated a bit differently this year, but there are still freebies and deals aplenty for America's veterans and active military members. Because of the pandemic, many of these deals at restau...

Flossing your teeth may protect against cognitive decline, research shows

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Flossing your teeth isn't just important for keeping your dentist happy -- it may also protect against cognitive decline. Good oral health habits like brushing and flossing may prevent cognitive impairment and deme...

Tom Algodón: More Americans are turning to the Republican Party to protect their rights

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DRAMATIC 14-POINT SHIFT IN PARTY PREFERENCE DURING 2021 GIVES GOP BIGGEST LEAD SINCE 1995: GALLUP TOM COTTON: That's welcomed news for us in the Republican Party. We are excited to have so many more Americans registe...

La FDA aprueba un nuevo dispositivo para ayudar a proteger a los atletas de lesiones cerebrales traumáticas

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La Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos dio luz verde a un nuevo dispositivo que podría ayudar a reducir el riesgo de lesión cerebral traumática durante los impactos en la cabeza el viernes.. El dispositivo está autorizado para deportistas. 13 y mas viejo,...

Newt Gingrich: After Afghanistan debacle, Biden ‘can’t possibly protect’ Taiwan

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EXPERTS WARN OF AL QAEDA ATTACKS ON US SOIL AS GLOBAL TERROR THREAT REACHES 20-YEAR HIGH NEWT GINGRICH: The Chinese communists talking about Taiwan … Taiwan had better realize that Joe Biden can’t possibly protect th...

Utilice Amazon? Hacer estos 5 cambios ahora para proteger su privacidad

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Para empresas de Big Tech, recopilar sus datos es una parte vital de sus ganancias. Puede recuperar su privacidad siempre que sepa la configuración adecuada para cambiar. Toque o haga clic para ver los ocho mapas ocultos y los rastreadores que necesita..

How to protect your car from Halloween mischief

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In some areas of the country, especially in and around the Northeast and Michigan, many kids hit the streets the night before Halloween hellbent on vandalism with shaving cream, eggs, toilet paper, socks filled with ...

Family files suit over Publix employee’s death. It says company failed to protect him from Covid-19

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The family of a Publix employee who died from coronavirus complications has filed a wrongful death lawsuit that claims the grocery store chain refused to allow employees to wear masks at the time he became sick. Ger...

Seattle mother explains how to protect kids against cultural indoctrination: ‘It is war

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As conservative parents across the country fear that progressive curricula will influence their children, activist Katy Faust suggested they focus on equipping kids with knowledge to resist assimilating to the cultur...

Hannity: Even the media can’t protect Biden now, nobody likes the president

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"After a historically bad week capping off a historically bad year, Joe Biden's presidency is now on the ropes. Things are going so poorly that even as one-time protectors the media mob, they're now beginning to take...

Canada vowed to protect its Indigenous women. But they are still being blamed for their own deaths

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February marked the culmination of a nearly decade-long legal saga that raised national questions about how Canada treats Indigenous women. Cindy Gladue, a 36-year-old Canadian Cree-Métis mother of three, bled to de...

ACC, Diez grandes, Pac-12 anuncia alianza para 'proteger el modelo colegiado’

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Kevin Warren, comisionado de los Diez Grandes, Jim Phillips del ACC y George Kliavkoff del Pac-12 reconocieron que han estado hablando de esta idea durante varias semanas., pero lo llevaron a buen puerto el martes. HAGA CLIC H ...

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