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Treaties alone can’t protect women from violence

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Rahila Gupta is an author and journalist. She has written several books, incluso "Don't Wake Me: The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong" y "Enslaved: The New British Slavery." Follow her on Twitter: @RahilaG. The opinions...

Su. Ernst calls on Dem colleagues to protect the ‘integrity of women’s sport’ amid transgender athlete debate

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SU. JONI ERNST: This is a woman's issue. Certainly Title IX is very important. These athletes fought long and hard to be able to have their own sports. But now those sports are being taken over and dominated by thos...

David Ryden: Amend Equality Act – Biden can protect both faith and LGBTQ communities. Así es cómo

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On the campaign trail, Joe Biden identified the bill as a top legislative priority and referred to it as "historic." He named trans rights "the civil rights issue of our time," as if there were no reason to perhaps t...

Utilice Amazon? Hacer estos 5 cambios ahora para proteger su privacidad

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Para empresas de Big Tech, recopilar sus datos es una parte vital de sus ganancias. Puede recuperar su privacidad siempre que sepa la configuración adecuada para cambiar. Toque o haga clic para ver los ocho mapas ocultos y los rastreadores que necesita..

Being a better listener for your loved ones might protect their brain health, hallazgos del estudio

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Can you count on anyone to listen to you when you need to talk? Si es así, your brain might be more resilient in the face of any future age- or disease-related changes, according to a study published Monday in the journ...

Paxton sobre las críticas a la ley del aborto: "Todo lo que Texas está tratando de hacer es proteger a los no nacidos"

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KEN PAXTON: Si alguien es antiamericano, es el presidente por no defender nuestras fronteras y por lo que se le permite en Afganistán. Todo lo que Texas está tratando de hacer es proteger a los no nacidos. Tenemos un derecho, creo, Para hacer eso....

Tiger filmed roaming Houston neighborhood while off-duty cop tries to protect his neighbors

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Footage recently surfaced that appears to show a tiger roaming around a Houston, Texas, neighborhood. The large cat got loose from a nearby home where it was seemingly being kept as a pet and came within a few feet o...

Canada vowed to protect its Indigenous women. But they are still being blamed for their own deaths

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February marked the culmination of a nearly decade-long legal saga that raised national questions about how Canada treats Indigenous women. Cindy Gladue, a 36-year-old Canadian Cree-Métis mother of three, bled to de...

"Esto es muy importante, este derecho al voto ": Representante demócrata. Al Green arrestado en protesta para proteger el derecho al voto en DC

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Representante demócrata. Al Green de Texas fue arrestado en Washington, corriente continua, el martes mientras protestaba frente a la Corte Suprema y el edificio del Capitolio de los Estados Unidos en un esfuerzo por proteger el derecho al voto, le dijo el congresista a CNN..

A medida que aumentan los ataques contra los estadounidenses de origen asiático, defensores llaman a la acción para proteger a las comunidades

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Una serie de ataques recientes contra estadounidenses de origen asiático tiene a comunidades y defensores en alerta máxima, especialmente porque muchos en los Estados Unidos se reúnen este fin de semana para celebrar el Año Nuevo Lunar. Un hombre de 84 años de Th ...

Arizona Democrat reintroduces bill to protect sacred Apache site from planned copper mine

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Washington An Arizona House Democrat reintroduced legislation this week to permanently protect a sacred Apache site in the state from a mining company that's planning to build a copper mine there. Reps. Raúl Grijal...

How to protect yourself from wildfire smoke ⁠— even thousands of miles away

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As close to 22,000 wildland firefighters and support personnel have worked to contain blazes like Oregon's monster Bootleg Fire, the eastern U.S. was overcome by unusually hazy skies this week. WESTERN WILDFIRES: WHY...

A robotic ‘Ironhandcould protect factory workers from injuries

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Working in a factory or warehouse can mean doing the same task over and over, and that repetition can lead to chronic injury. Ahora, a battery-powered glove could help workers by taking some of the strain. los "Ironha...

Veterans served to protect our country. Here’s where they can get served with deals and freebies today

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Veterans Day will be celebrated a bit differently this year, but there are still freebies and deals aplenty for America's veterans and active military members. Because of the pandemic, many of these deals at restau...

Young people to Schumer: ‘Eliminate the filibuster to protect our future

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Washington, DC Over two dozen youth-focused organizations and more than 100 other young people sent Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer a letter, shared first with CNN, urging the New York Democrat and his caucus to...

Para aquellos con trastorno dismórfico corporal, las máscaras hacen más que proteger. Les ayudan a funcionar

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Para Lavinia Darr, un autobús público era un territorio peligroso. Estaban los otros pasajeros, a quien temía que estaría horrorizada por sus defectos físicos. Y estaban los espejos y las ventanas, que ella sabía que lo impulsaría ....

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