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Rep. Buck says feds should stay out of local school board disputes: ‘Political speech must be protected

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FORMER EDUCATION SECRETARY BILL BENNETT LAUNCHES PROGRAM TO COUNTER ‘POLITICIZED’ CONTENT IN SCHOOLS REP. KEN BUCK: Attorney General Garland was a judge, and he should know better than to try to use the FBI for polit...

‘Brady Bunch’ star Barry Williams reflects on bonding with his TV family: ‘We protected each other’

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The former child star famously starred as Greg Brady in the beloved sitcom "The Brady Bunch," which aired from 1969 tot 1974. The 66-year-old, who now lives in Branson, Missouri, recently told Closer Weekly that he...

The Sierra Nevada red fox is now protected and listed as an endangered species

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The Sierra Nevada red fox, a rare California species whose population is dramatically dwindling, has been listed as endangered. The US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced in a news release Monday that the fox ...

Bongino: ‘Nothing will happento Andrew Cuomo because Democrats are ‘a protected class

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Bongino explained to listeners who were awaiting his take on the burgeoning scandal that although he does not like his fellow Queens, N.Y.. inheems, many times Democrats in his position either aren't covered well by th...

Japan’s deputy defense minister says Taiwan must be protected ‘as a democratic country

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WashingtonJapan's deputy defense minister on Monday warned of the growing threat posed by Chinese and Russian collaboration and said it was necessary to "word wakker" to Beijing's pressure on Taiwan and protect the islan...

Allen West roep 'grondwetlike krisis' uit: Texas-soewereiniteit nie beskerm deur Biden-admin nie

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ALLESWES: "Ek is bly dat die goewerneur uiteindelik besef het dat ons 'n ongelooflike krisis aan die grens het. Dit is ongeveer ses maande en daar was baie Texans wat onder hierdie skandaal gely het..

’n Skaars en beskermde Visarendnes is in Wallis afgekap, sê die polisie

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Die polisie in Wallis wil weet wie Vrydag ’n visarend-nesplatform afgekap het, stuur die skaars en beskermde voëlnes en hul varsgelegde eier in die meer hieronder. Die Brenig Osprey-projek het in 'n ...

‘Dallas’ star Charlene Tilton says her castmates ‘protected’ her from being a drug ‘casualty’ of the ‘80s

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The actress was just 17 when she began filming the hit TV series from 1978 tot 1990. The now-62-year-old recalled how she was offered drugs by staffers at notorious New York City nightclub Studio 54. "I remember on...

NYPD officers are no longer protected from civil lawsuits after city council passes police reform legislation

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The New York City Council passed a series of reforms for the New York Police Department on Thursday, including ending qualified immunity for officers, which protected them against civil lawsuits. The package of legi...

Astronaut artifacts on moonlike Apollo landers and Neil Armstrong’s bootprintnow protected by US law

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(The Conversation)It's hard to care about bootprints sunk in soil 238,900 miles away as humanity suffers the combined burden of an unforgiving virus and a political unease. But how humans treat those bootprints and ...

Nina Simone’s childhood home is now permanently protected

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The former home of legendary singer Nina Simone -- designated as a National Treasure in 2018 -- is now protected property that will be preserved for years to come. The National Trust for Historic Preservation's (NTH...