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Wuhan lab-leak scenario could be complicated to prove, even after regaining credibility

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The lab-leak theory has gained credibility in the U.S. and abroad in the past few weeks after a bombshell Wall Street Journal report revealed that three researchers at a Wuhan virology lab had displayed COVID-19 symp...

Un estudio explosivo afirma probar que los científicos chinos crearon COVID

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El profesor británico Angus Dalgleish y el científico noruego Dr.. Birger Sørensen escribió que tenían evidencia primaria "de retroingeniería en China" desde el año pasado, pero fueron ignorados por académicos y revistas médicas importantes..

Víctor Davis Hanson: Delta Airlines CEO, others prove that the woke revolution is not a grassroots movement

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Yet most Americans believe voting is a more sacred act than flying Delta and, moreover, may have noticed that Delta has partnerships with systemically racist China. también, a recent Associated Press poll showed that 72...

It took a sea and land journey to prove to scientists they were wrong about physics

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Don Lincoln is a senior scientist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He is the author of several science books for general audiences, including the best-selling audio book "The Theory of Everything: The Qu...

Tennessee governor signs transgender sports bill into law requiring students to prove their sex at birth

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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a transgender sports bill into law Friday requiring students to prove their sex at birth in order to play in middle and high school sports. The bill states that "a student's gender...

Staples and Office Depot want to help you prove your Covid-19 vaccination

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Long gone are the days when you only needed your phone, keys, and wallet to walk out the door (hello masks). With Covid-19 vaccinations becoming more widespread, you may soon need to carry proof that you've been vac...

Forest Green Rovers hope recycled coffee kit will prove a good fit

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Already in a league of their own when it comes to sustainability in sport, innovative English soccer club Forest Green Rovers will trial a kit made from coffee bean waste on Saturday. Rovers, owned by 'green energy' ...

46 minutes that prove how dangerous Donald Trump is to democracy

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There have been a lot of low moments for democracy over the past four years, but none that reached quite as low as what happened on Wednesday afternoon: The release of a 46-minute rant by the President of the United...

Did 2020 prove that liberals can’t win?

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In the wake of the 2020 elección -- and disappointing seat losses in the House -- congressional Democrats are in the midst of an intensifying battle between its moderate and liberal wings. Moderates like Rep. Abigai...

Why the delayed election results prove the system IS actually working

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Washington The 2020 election map, at first glance, looks decidedly, bien, unfinished. sí, there's the traditional blue along the coasts and a large red swath from the upper Plains into the South, but there's also st...

Walmart files lawsuit seeking to prove its pharmacists are not responsible for opioid crisis

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Nueva York (CNN Business)Walmart on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the federal government asking a court to clarify that the company and its pharmacists were not responsible for the distribution of improper opioid pr...