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Pentagon close to reaching agreement to provide around 450,000 Covid-19 vaccinations a day

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The Pentagon and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are negotiating the final terms of an agreement that could see the military provide around 450,000 Covid-19 vaccinations a day. The figure is included in a dr...

Nigeria’s ‘techpreneursare using technology to provide life-changing solutions to everyday problems

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Lagos, Nigeria As recently as 10 anni fa, Africa's technology industry was sparse. But as a result of advancements in mobile phone technology as well as better internet connections, the continent has transformed --...

Rapper DaBaby is partnering with a voter campaign to provide free rides to the polls

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Grammy-nominated rapper DaBaby is partnering with the #NoCap2020 campaign to bring voters across North Carolina to the polls. His initiative, VOTE BABY VOTE, included a statewide bus tour, social media program, e ...

Adelsons provide $75 million cash infusion to Trump’s reelection effort

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Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his physician wife, Miriam, poured a whopping $ 75 million into a super PAC launched in late August to aid President Donald Trump's reelection, nuovi documenti mostrano. The cou...

A farmer planted over 2 million sunflowers to provide a respite during this rough year

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Everyone could use a little sunshine in their life right now, so a Wisconsin farmer decided that's what he was going to do, and planted more than 2 million sunflowers in his fields. Scott Thompson's family has been...