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Paziente psichiatrico dell'Oregon ricercato per crimini in due stati arrestato dopo essere fuggito dall'ospedale, dice la polizia

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Il St.. Il Charles Medical Center ha informato il dipartimento di polizia di Bend che Jeremy Allbritton, 41, era tornato in ospedale intorno 11:30 p.m. Lunedi. È stato segnalato come scomparso ore prima 8:30 a.m. Lui aveva ...

911 tapes from Kavanaugh attempted murder arrest show suspect giving up: ‘I need psychiatric help

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Nicholas John Roske of Simi Valley, California, was carrying a gun, munizioni, a knife, spray al peperoncino, a screwdriver, zip ties, and other gear when he was arrested by Montgomery County Police Department officers Wedn...

California man charged with attempting to murder Supreme Court justice said he needed ‘psychiatric help’: 911 dispatch audio

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The California man arrested near US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home and charged with attempting or threatening to kidnap or murder a US judge said in calls he made to 911 before the arrest that he was t...

Los Angeles County wants Vanessa Bryant and others to take a psychiatric exam ahead of trial

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Los Angeles County wants to compel the widow of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and others involved in a lawsuit over leaked photos of the helicopter crash that killed him, their daughter and seven others to take psychiatric...

Greek orthodox priest moved to psychiatric hospital after attacking group of bishops with acid

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Atene, Greece A 37-year-old priest is in custody in Greece after allegedly launching an acid attack that injured 10 people at a meeting of senior bishops. He has since been moved to an Athens psychiatric hospital an...

Drew Barrymore talks about her experience in a ‘psychiatric ward’ a 13

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Drew Barrymore was virtually interviewed on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show Monday, where she opened up about her tumultuous teen years and her relationship with her mom, Jaid Barrymore. Barrymore said that as a child...

One-fifth of Covid-19 patients get a psychiatric diagnosis within 90 giorni, lo studio suggerisce

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People who have had Covid-19 may have an increased risk of being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder such as anxiety or depression, secondo un nuovo studio. Researchers looked at the medical records of 69 milioni...