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Violent public outbursts and unruly behavior may keep some from reentering societybut likely not for long, sê kenners

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Just when you thought you were ready for a soft return to public life, this happens: An unruly plane passenger commandeers an intercom. A grocery store clerk was killed after asking a customer to pull up his mask. C ...

Euro 2020 semifinals and final present Boris Johnson with new ‘public health’ uitgawe

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK government is talking with European football governing body UEFA about "sensible accommodations" over the staging of the Euro 2020 semifinals and final at London's We...

If ‘cave syndromeis keeping you from going in public, here’s how to combat it

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After over a year of staying at home and following strict safety guidelines, many people are understandably reluctant to step out their front door and re-enter society. Vir sommige, they're downright terrified. Psychia...

Texans will be able to carry handguns in public without a license on Sept. 1 under ‘constitutional carry’ wetgewing

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Under current law, residents must go through training, submit fingerprints, show handgun proficiency and pay a $ 40 application fee in order to obtain a license to carry a handgun. Nou, anyone who is older than 21 a ...

Many turned to libraries during the pandemic for free Wifi and other services. Will these venerable public institutions get the credit they deserve?

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Ramses Escobedo probably wouldn't call himself a hero. But during the pandemic, he was asked to act in some heroic ways. Escobedo, a bilingual Spanish-English librarian, manages a branch of the San Francisco Public...

Die Franse president, Emmanuel Macron, het 'n klap van die publiek gelewer

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Die Franse president van Parys, Emmanuel Macron, is deur 'n man in die skare in die gesig geslaan toe hy Dinsdag tydens 'n besoek aan Suidoos-Frankryk met die publiek gepraat het., video van die voorval wat op sosiale media geplaas is, gewys. Die Voor ...

Pharrell Williams unhappy with public schools in Virginia; opening private network for low-income families

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Die "Gelukkig" singer and 13-time Grammy-winner revealed his master plan in a press release in which he called out the current state of affairs regarding the school system, according to The Virginian-Pilot. "If the syst...

CT lawmaker rejects bill declaring racism a public health crisis: ‘Critical race theory’ in our laws

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"This bill declares to the world, it truly is desperation, that the state of Connecticut has a racism problem in its public health and right now, in werklikheid, our governor is exercising extra controls, extra powers becau...

Farrah Abraham condemns Britney Spearspast mistreatment as young mom in public eye: ‘She was targeted

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Abraham, wat gedraai het 30 hierdie week, was 16 years old when she began filming the MTV reality show that followed her transition into parenthood during her adolescent years. The TV personality spoke to Fox News in a wide-...

Joe dop: Fauci emails show he was aware of possible lab leak despite public dismissal

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What did Dr. Anthony Fauci know and when did he know it? Perhaps the biggest story of the day -- and arguably of the year -- are emails written by Fauci regarding him being well-aware of a possible lab leak of COVID-...

Biden-admin ondersoek nou COVID-oorsprong 'weens die openbare skree': Rep. Mike Turner

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Turner, wat in die Huis se intelligensiekomitee dien, beklemtoon dat "die Chinese regering moet verantwoordelik gehou word" vir COVID-19. Die kongreslid van Ohio het Sondag ook aan gasheer Maria Bartiromo gesê dat hy glo ...

Tucker Carlson: Democrats have reimagined public safety, making the public much less safe

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One local TV station noted that violence in the area had risen since the pandemic began—they must be connected. Pryor's football coach agreed. "It was COVID that really killed this kid," het hy aan verslaggewers gesê. The coach...

Michael Goodwin: Crime is now America’s public enemy No. 1

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The statistics are familiar, yet still shocking. The nearly 20,000 gun-related homicides last year were the most in decades, and one researcher found that 51 van die 57 largest cities saw increases. New York’s body co...

Michigan governor apologizes for breaking state’s Covid-19 public health protocols

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Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has apologized for breaking the state's public health protocols after a photo surfaced on social media of her at a restaurant Saturday seated at tables that had been pushed ...

Pandemie verhoog die toename in studente wat grade in openbare gesondheid soek

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Emory's School of Nursing in Atlanta het 'n 32% toename in aansoeke gedurende die afgelope jaar. Van die gewildste aanbiedinge is onder meer die program vir narkotiseur-narkotiseurs, wat ervaar het 'n 171% toename in toepassing.

Bill Gates wears wedding ring at first public event since announcing divorce from Melinda

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The Microsoft co-founder appeared at a virtual global forum with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday where he spoke at length about climate change and the difficult road ahead for America in recovering from the...

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