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A new species of cute but poisonous ‘pumpkintoads discovered in Brazil

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A new species of tiny, neon orange toadlets was discovered in the mountains of Brazil. This amphibian measures in at just under an inch and is a part of the pumpkin toadlet genus, a collection of tiny, bright-colore...

Minnesota man wins the ‘Superbowl of Pumpkinswith 2,350-pound pumpkin named Tiger King

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A Minnesota man and his gigantic gourd are reigning royalty after taking home top prize in a Northern California giant pumpkin growing competition. Travis Gienger won first prize in the 47th annual Safeway World Ch...

Coronavirus cancels pumpkin spice at this restaurant chain

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It seems even pumpkin spice isn't safe from the coronavirus. The restaurant chain Einstein Bros. Bagels is the latest victim of the pandemic. This fall, they will not be offering any pumpkin spice seasonal items. ...