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La receta híbrida de sopa de chorizo ​​y calabaza con especias es "el plato de otoño perfecto’

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SEMILLAS DE CALABAZA TOSTADAS ENVASADAS CON SABOR: PRUEBA LA RECETA "Los sabores de otoño son mis favoritos. Si pudiera tener el ahumado, sabores cálidos de otoño todo el año, me gustaría! Creé esta receta por la necesidad de usar un poco de calabaza..

Pumpkin spice champagne sangria for your next fall happy hour

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This pumpkin spice sangria made with champagne is tasty and is less than 100 calories per serving. HORROR MOVIE INSPIRED HALLOWEEN COCKTAILS TO GET INTO THE SPOOKY SPIRIT Get the full recipe below. The se...

Coronavirus cancels pumpkin spice at this restaurant chain

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It seems even pumpkin spice isn't safe from the coronavirus. The restaurant chain Einstein Bros. Bagels is the latest victim of the pandemic. This fall, they will not be offering any pumpkin spice seasonal items. ...

Halloween pumpkin carving tips for impressive Jack-o’-lanterns

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Dating back to the 19th century, Jack-o’-lanterns are one of the most recognizable aspects of Halloween. While it’s easy enough to carve a basic face into a pumpkin, anyone looking to get fancier may want to check ou...

Minnesota man wins the ‘Superbowl of Pumpkinswith 2,350-pound pumpkin named Tiger King

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A Minnesota man and his gigantic gourd are reigning royalty after taking home top prize in a Northern California giant pumpkin growing competition. Travis Gienger won first prize in the 47th annual Safeway World Ch...

Ladrón de calabazas capturado en video en Washington

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Un propietario en el estado de Washington registró a una mujer no identificada robando una de sus calabazas en medio de la noche antes de Halloween. Según las autoridades locales, el sospechoso también fue visto robando calabaza..

A new species of cute but poisonous ‘pumpkintoads discovered in Brazil

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A new species of tiny, neon orange toadlets was discovered in the mountains of Brazil. This amphibian measures in at just under an inch and is a part of the pumpkin toadlet genus, a collection of tiny, bright-colore...

5 Thanksgiving desserts from pecan pie to slow cooker sticky caramel pumpkin cake

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Whether you want to get inventive and make mini pumpkin pie bites on your grill or bake up an old-fashioned pecan pie, we’ve just got the inspiration for you. HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON THANKSGIVING DINNER Old Fashioned P...

Pumpkin season is upon us: Why we seem to embrace fall earlier every year

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The week after Labor Day has historically represented the unofficial start of fall, and though most leaves have retained their green color, the season of pumpkin spice is already in full effect. En Agosto 24 -- a fu...

Pumpkin peanut butter soup for a chilly evening

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"Pumpkin is most frequently found in sweet dishes, but I love to play with its savory side," Abra Pappa, SRA, CNS, of Abra’s Kitchen on behalf of the National Peanut Board, tells Fox News. "Peanut butter, a pantry sta...

Avoid pumpkin carving injuries with these expert tips

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"It is important for parents to establish clear boundaries with their kids and teach them safety tips to ensure they have a positive experience, rather than having to visit the hospital," dijo el Dr.. Craig Phillips, ort...

Pumpkin swirl cheesecake with candied walnuts for Christmas dessert

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"Can’t decide between classic cheesecake and a pumpkin pie this fall?" writes Lisa Steele, in her upcoming "The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook: Sobre 100 Fabulous Recipes to Use Eggs in Unexpected Ways," available for pre-...

Zebras block traffic in Illinois after escaping pumpkin patch

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A pair of zebras blocked traffic after escaping from a pumpkin patch in Pingree Grove. The duo wandered onto a nearby highway several times and were also spotted wandering around on nearby farmland. The mal...

Pecan chocolate pumpkin bread for fall

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Actualmente, we’re loving this pecan chocolate pumpkin bread by Yasmeen AlSawwaf, a chef and lawyer, of Yasmeen’s Kitchen Diary. AlSawwaf tells Fox News that the change of the season is what inspired her to "combine th...

Eating pumpkin may help you look younger and lose weight, los expertos dicen

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Here are a few facts you should know about pumpkins before you stop by your local pumpkin patch or grocery store. THE BEST PUMPKIN PATCHES FOR FALL FUN IN AMERICA Pumpkins can help your eyesight Pumpkins are a high...

Esta receta de pastel de calabaza snickerdoodle es un toque "delicioso" en el clásico postre de otoño

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los "Pastel de calabaza Snickerdoodle" del blog de comida sureña Quiche My Grits le da un toque de canela al clásico postre navideño. MANZANA FRITA CRISP PARA OTOÑO: PRUEBA LA RECETA Según la publicación de la creadora del blog Debi Morgan ....