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Parents of suspended UMass students: Punishment for off-campus maskless photo ‘complete overkill

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The students – all women – were pictured outside and without masks at a large off-campus gathering, según informes, which noted that the school first removed the students from campus, then later cut off their r...

Los demócratas debaten si dejar a Trump o buscar otra forma de castigo después del juicio político

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Los demócratas del Congreso están divididos sobre si tratar de castigar a Donald Trump con la censura o alejarse completamente del ex presidente después de que el Senado probablemente lo absuelva de los cargos de incitación al gobierno de enero. 6 Lo tengo...

Two people were charged with murder after forcing a girl to jump on a trampoline as punishment, la policía dice

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Two people in Texas have been charged with capital murder after forcing an 8-year-old girl to jump on a trampoline under extreme heat as punishment, la policía dijo. The girl died of dehydration on August 29, Odessa Po...

An Anglo-Saxon girl had her nose and lips cut off as punishment, an ancient skull shows

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London Archaeologists analyzing the skull of an Anglo-Saxon girl made a gruesome discovery that shines a light on the brutal punishments meted out to criminals in early medieval England. Analysis of the skull showed ...

Ukrainian church leader who called Covid-19 ‘God’s punishmentfor same-sex marriage tests positive for virus

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A prominent Ukrainian church leader who previously said the Covid-19 pandemic was "God's punishment" for same-sex marriage has tested positive for the virus. Patriarch Filaret, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church...