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CM Punk on AEW in-ring debut: ‘This sis fun again

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Punk showed he still had some kind of pro wrestling prowess after stepping away from WWE in 2014. Punk was able to hit his iconic finishing move – the GTS – for the win over Allin in his hometown of Chicago. KLIK HY ...

CM Punk teases AEW debut of former WWE star Daniel Bryan

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Punk spoke to Renee Paquette on her "Oral Sessions" podcast and teased the possibility of former WWE star Daniel Bryan, who is also known as Bryan Danielson and the American Dragon in the pro wrestling ranks, joining...

A scratched-up piece of New York punk rock historyJohnny Ramone’s guitaris up for auction

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The white paint is scratched off and worn away along the sides of Johnny Ramone's electric guitar, the one he used on stage for nearly 20 years to make some of punk rock's most distinctive chords with the legendary ...

Rocker Glenn Danzig says cancel culture will prevent a new ‘punk rock explosion

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The Misfits frontman turned filmmaker spoke with Rolling Stone about his upcoming movie "Death Rider in the House of Vampires," a horror Western done in the bloody, violent style that Danzig is known for. In the int...

VW Beetle rebooted as Punk Cat electric car

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Chinese electric car company Ora has debuted a new model at the Shanghai Auto Show that features the design of the original VW Beetle, only this time with four doors. (Ora) The Punk Cat is set to go ...

Daft Punk, die invloedryke Franse dansmusiek-duo, verdeel na 28 jare

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Daft Punk verdeel na byna drie dekades, het die Franse dansduo se jarelange publisiteit Maandag aan CNN bevestig. Kathryn Frazier het aan CNN gesê die berigte dat die paar aftree, is waar, maar gee geen rede nie..