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Biden’s contrasting Rittenhouse statements show ‘his puppet masters got ahold of him’: Watters

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While returning to the White House following a scheduled colonoscopy, Biden responded to a reporter's question about whether he still believes 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse is a "White supremacist" – as intimated in o...

Jesse Watters torches AG Merrick Garland as ‘corrupt puppet of the radical leftafter Capitol Hill hearing

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Garland told the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday the National School Boards Association's apology over the letter that inspired his memo would not affect the DOJ's position when it comes to intervening in threat...

Judge Jeanine says Joe Biden is a ‘puppet’; says Putin would have ‘mopped the floor with him

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JEANINE PIRRO: He came to us a Trojan Horse, promising to be a moderate, affable, and conciliatory president. One who could reach across the aisle and unify the nation. Anziché, this so-called moderate began by immed...