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Biden implementing border crisis on purpose, ‘they doubled down’: Former senior border official

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"In their view, this is a success," the retired official said. "This is a successful policy decision. I don't think this is by mistake." Vice President Kamala Harris (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky) "Bef...

Dott. Mark Shrime, a Mercy Ships volunteer, urges a new understanding of ‘purpose’ nella vita

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Among his key points: COVID has not just taken a toll on people, it's also presented an opening for reflection on what matters in life — and how we choose to spend our time. Shrime said we should "really question: Wh ...

Chris Cuomo’s sole purpose at CNN was to get rid of Trump, boost governor brother: Hemingway

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"[Cuomo] really served one purpose which is to help pump up his brother as a viable alternative to Donald Trump," lei disse. "So they covered up all of the nursing home deaths that his brother was responsible for, il...

Now a single mom, MMA champ Harrison finds new purpose

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The photo epitomized what Harrison was born to do — prove she’s a champion at the highest level, from the Olympics to the cage, leaving only destruction in her wake. Her next photo three days later is of two small ch...

Hannity denuncia Biden per aver descritto le violente proteste dello scorso anno come "pacifiche e intenzionate’

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HANNITY: Secondo Johnson, solo "riforma radicale" porterà la vera giustizia. Riforma radicale? Sconfiggi la polizia? Smantella la polizia? Smantella il nostro intero sistema? Come pensi che andrà a finire in t ...

‘My purpose is to fight back’: Myanmar’s UN ambassador on defying the coup in his country

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Questo è stato estratto dal marzo 9 edizione di Meanwhile in America della CNN, l'e-mail quotidiana sulla politica statunitense per i lettori globali. Clicca qui per leggere le edizioni passate e iscriverti. As a university student years ago, Kya...

Chris Evans uses that NSFW pic for a patriotic purpose

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This is one of those stories that you are going to have to use Google to get the full picture. Here's what we can say: Durante il fine settimana, Chris Evans appeared to accidentally leak a not suitable for work photo on hi...