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Eerste op CNN: House Republicans push legislation to require Biden administration to detail the status of major arm sales to Taiwan

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Republican House lawmakers are introducing legislation that would require the Biden administration to provide Congress with a detailed report on the status of major arms sales to Taiwan, an effort that comes as ther...

Ernst takes on Putin, global food shortage in push to de-mine the Black Sea

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"De-mining the sea’s shipping lanes is a critical step in both aiding Ukraine and releasing grain to the rest of the world, and the United States should have no hesitancy to help with this effort," Ernst told Fox New...

Gianno Caldwell: My brother’s death can’t ‘mean nothing,’ we have to ‘push back on soft-on-crime policies

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GIANNO CALDWELL: We talk about what's going on in Ukraine, the show has been a lot about Ukraine, but no one in the national leadership or even local leadership is talking about the slaughter that takes place on the ...

Pinterest CEO steps down, Google executive to take over in e-commerce push

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Pinterest said long-time Chief Executive Officer Ben Silbermann would step down, handing over the reins of the social media platform to Google commerce executive Bill Ready. The news sent the company's shares 9% high...

Austin man arrested after violent crime spree, using car to push through police blockade

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Police issued an arrest warrant for 22-year-old Charles Song Owens, charging him with aggravated robbery on April 24, 2022. Investigators researched Owens and found a number of other violent incidents. Tra...

Republicans push DOJ to protect pro-life centers from ‘assaultby violent activists

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Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, is leading Republicans in this charge, telling Fox News Digital that it is a "shame" that DOJ "will not act" and protect Supreme Court justices and p...

Liberal dark money group forms to push back against anti-CRT efforts in schools across the country

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Die groep, Campaign for Our Shared Future, bills itself as a grassroots and non-partisan effort working to "build a diverse ideological coalition that equally involves policymakers, sakeleiers, school leaders, ...

Dana Perino on Democrats continuing to push unpopular issues: The left is ‘eating itself alive

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DANA PERINO: The left is eating itself alive and people like Van Jones and Hillary [Clinton] are trying to tell them that, but one of the funniest anecdotes about ‘latinx’ is that last week, there's a Democrat of New...

GOP push resolution condemning pro-abortion ‘domestic terrorist violenceagainst churches, religious orgs

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Babin led the resolution that hit the House floor on Thursday and lambasted the Justice Department (DOJ) over their prioritization of investigating parents via a teacher’s union letter comparing them to domestic terr...

Latvian foreign minister says European leaders should not fear provoking Putin and must not push Ukraine to make concessions

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Washington Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs on Wednesday said European leaders must not be deterred by a fear of provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin and the international community must not pressure U...

March for Our Lives rallies push for gun control after mass shootings

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After a wave of even more mass shootings in recent weeks, including in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, protesters are calling for lawmakers to take action – and they're not the only ones. Op Saterdag, President ...

Hassan says it’s ‘frustrating’ Biden administration hasn’t supported push to temporarily scrap federal gas tax

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Hassan, who faces a very difficult political climate as she runs for re-election this year, isn’t shy when it comes to spotlighting her policy differences with the president, whose underwater approval ratings are doi...

Suid-Carolina Sen.. Tim Scott sê GOP druk om Huis- en Senaat-meerderhede terug te wen ''n spansport’

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En Scott, 'n opkomende ster in die GOP, sê dit "sonder 'n primêre, dit bied my wel die geleentheid om my kollegas regoor die land te help." Republikeine beoog om meerderhede in die Huis van Verteenwoordigers terug te wen a..

Supreme Court abortion ruling will boost left’s court-packing push

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Roe v. Wade was decided when I was only 17 maande oud. I’ve known what it meant for most of my life. When I was about 10, my dad sat me down and explained the decision to me. I reacted by telling him that it seemed d...

Eerste op CNN: Climate groups join for first-of-its-kind, $100 million push to mobilize midterm voters

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In an attempt to mobilize voters around the climate crisis, six climate advocacy groups are readying for the midterms with an arsenal of $ 100 miljoen -- the first coordinated spending of its kind. In a difficult p...

Ukraine’s emotionally charged push for World Cup appearance ends on brutal mistake

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Wales’ lone goal came on an unfortunate error by Ukraine. Andriy Yarmolenko headed the ball into his own net while trying to clear a Gareth Bale free kick in the first half. It was the only goal of the match and enou...

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