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Biden administration to ramp up testing supply to schools in push to keep them open

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The administration's move to increase testing and implement "test to stay" programs is in line with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades). The administration says the additional testing c...

GOP push for handing-counting paper ballots is latest effort to cast doubt on elections

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After more than a year of baselessly questioning the results of the 2020 elección, some Republicans are casting doubt on how ballots are counted, part of a broader movement inspired by former President Donald Trump'...

LeBron James doubles down on push to fire Wizards broadcaster over shot call

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James called for Glenn Consor’s job on Twitter a day after the broadcaster made the remark. Consor apologized, but for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar it wasn’t enough, and he added there was no excuse for the remar...

McConnell critica a los demócratas del Senado por invocar a Jan 6 impulsar cambios obstruccionistas: 'Surrealista’

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"Es surrealista escuchar a los senadores en funciones invocar a Jan. 6 para justificar romper las reglas para obtener resultados que no han obtenido," dijo McConnell, R-Ky. "Es asombroso para los colegas proponer conmemorar eso por b...

Falta armonía Montgomery: Adoptive parentspush to reunite separated siblings triggered suspicions

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Now in a safe home, he sometimes calls out for her at night and looks for her on the playground, according to his adoptive parents. Manchester police opened a large-scale investigation last week after they said they...

Democrats harping on Jan. 6 to push lie that GOP threatening democracy: Ingraham

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Democrats have "decided to run on only one thing: ene. 6," Ingraham dijo. "Ahora, unless Trump and others are put in handcuffs, democracy as we know it will end." TRUMP CANCELS JAN. 6 PRESS CONFERENCE, WILL SPEAK AT JA...

2021 en revisión: Cómo tropezó el impulso de la amnistía para los inmigrantes ilegales

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La administración Biden lanzó una propuesta el día de la inauguración., que eventualmente se convirtió en los EE. UU.. Ley de ciudadanía de 2021, y fue encabezado por un camino de 8 años hacia la ciudadanía para inmigrantes ilegales que ya están en el país..

Lawmakers and leaders push for a national museum of Asian Americans

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It took decades of advocacy and effort, but a national African American museum now stands on the National Mall. After legislation that passed last year, national museums dedicated to Latinos and women are also in th...

Arroyos’ 3 TDs push Oklahoma past Oregon 47-32 in Alamo Bowl

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Kennedy Brooks se postuló para 142 yards and three touchdowns, Caleb Williams passed for three more scores and the 14th-ranked Sooners rode a dominant first half to a 47-32 ganar sobre No. 15 Oregon in the Alamo Bowl on Wednesd...

Chicago pastor hopes community center will push South Side over ‘tipping pointand create permanent change

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The pastor has yet to reach this tipping point, and that is why he has been holding a 100-day rooftop vigil to raise funds for a building to house Project H.O.O.D., his long-running community center. He has taken the...

Allen’s 3 TD, McKenzie’s big day push Bills past Patriots

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With the victory, Búfalo (9-6) now holds tiebreakers over the Patriots and Dolphins, and is in the driver’s seat to win its second straight division title. Allen finished 30 de 47 pasa por 314 yardas, and he also r...

Karl Rove on ‘America’s Newsroom’: We’ve come to a ‘horrendous momentwith liberal spending push

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SCHUMER HITS MANCHIN FOR FAILING TO SUPPORT BUILD BACK BETTER, MAINTAINS DEMOCRATS WILL 'FIND A WAY FORWARD' KARL ROVE: There is a deeper issue here that should worry us all a little more. This is a copy of the Const...

Harris Faulkner, 'Superado en número’ anfitriones golpean a Biden en el impulso de pruebas COVID: 'Detrás de los tiempos’

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KAMALA HARRIS CONTRASTE CON BIDEN, SE NIEGA A CULPAR A NOVACUNADO POR LAS ONDAS COVIDAS HARRIS FAULKNER: Miro nuestro estado de nueva jersey. Puedes llamar a la línea directa. Puedes ir al sitio web. Puede hacer que le envíen una prueba casera ...

Dolphins return to .500 and may have just found a new wrinkle to make playoff push

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And there’s reason to believe Miami is better equipped to make that final push than it was before Sunday’s 31-24 victory over the New York Jets began because the team suddenly has found a running game. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA ....

DevonteGraham hits 8 3s push Pelicans beat Bucks in OT

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Graham hit eight 3-pointers and added two clutch free throws late in overtime to finish with 26 puntos, and the New Orleans Pelicans beat the short-handed Milwaukee Bucks 116-112 el viernes por la noche. "He put us over the ...

Myanmar citizens push for gas sanctions to stop military funding

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She and her parents had long worked for Total Energies, the French company that operates a lucrative gas field off the coast of southern Myanmar with a state-owned enterprise. But in February, the military took over ...

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