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India signs trade and arms deals with Russia during Putin’s visit to New Delhi

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New DelhiRussia and India signed a flurry of trade and arms deals during President Vladimir Putin's visit to New Delhi for talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, including one that will see India produce ...

Belarus floods the European Union with migrants, taking a page out of Putin’s playbook

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Near Poškonys, Lithuania-Belarus border Desperate, frightened and begging for help, they emerge from the darkness: a group of Yazidi migrants, lost in the forests of eastern Europe. It's a surreal sight -- and one t...

Russia building 2 new ‘Doomsday’ planes following Putin’s order

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The aircraft are meant to ferry Russia’s top leadership to safety in the event of an attack and allow them to remain in touch with the armed forces. The planes are accompanied by fighter jets and are windowless save ...