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Florida conservationists capture 215 pound python, the heaviest found in the state

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She's massive, invasive and covered in scales: A record breaking 215-pound, 18-foot-long Burmese python has been captured in Florida. The python is the heaviest ever captured in the state, the Conservancy of Southwe...

Florida woman finds large python she said previous resident left behind in her new apartment

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A woman in Florida said she found a large snake in the bathroom of her new apartment. While that would have been shocking enough, she claims she may have been living with the reptile for much longer than she realized...

Missing Burmese python that escaped Louisiana mall is found

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"Cara," a 12-foot-long Burmese python, was finally located in the Baton Rouge facility's crawl space. PYTHON ESCAPES FROM AQUARIUM IN MALL OF LOUISIANA Video posted to the aquarium's Facebook page showed the moment...

A 12-foot Burmese python has been loose in a Louisiana mall store for days

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Search teams in Baton Rouge are rolling snake eyes when it comes to finding Cara, a large, banana-yellow Burmese python that slithered out of her exhibit in the Blue Zoo aquarium in the Mall of Louisiana on Monday n...

Man bitten by neighbor’s escaped python while sitting on the toilet

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Vienna, AustriaAn Austrian had the kind of morning that nightmares are made of on Monday when a python slid through his drains and bit him while he was sitting on the toilet. The stunned 65-year-old in the city of Gr...

Rainbow python goes viral on social media: ‘Stunning’

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A beautiful reticulated python at The Reptile Zoo, in Fountain Valley, California, has gone viral on social media for her beautiful scales that shine like a rainbow in the sunlight. The snake, named MyLove, was rece...

Florida wildlife officials captured a 10-foot-long python that had snaked its way into a Ford Mustang

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There are lots of reasons that the check engine light could come on in a Ford Mustang, but a big, honkin' snake curled up under the hood is probably not in the service manual. Wildlife officers were called to a busi...

A ball python laid 7 eggs at the Saint Louis Zoo, even though she hasn’t been around a male in years

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Zookeepers at the Saint Louis Zoo were surprised to see their oldest snake coiled around a clutch of freshly laid eggs because she hadn't been near a male in more than 15 años. The ball python, which has been at th...