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Who is Aafia Siddiqui, Texas inmate known as ‘Lady Al Qaeda’?

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By Saturday night all four hostages had been safely released and the hostage-taker was killed, hanno detto i funzionari. The suspect was not immediately identified. Siddiqui, also known in counterterrorism circles as "Lady Al...

US kills senior al Qaeda leader in Syria airstrike

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An airstrike in northwest Syria Friday killed senior al Qaeda leader Abdul Hamid al-Matar, according to the US Central Command. The military said it has "no indications of civilian casualties as a result of the str...

Senior Al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike in Syria, US defense officials say

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Salim Abu-Ahmad was killed in a U.S. airstrike near Idlib, Syria on Sept. 20. He was responsible for planning, finanziamento, and approving trans-regional Al Qaeda attacks. A U.S. Air Force MQ-1B Predator unmann...

Obama CIA chief says Biden’s Afghanistan exit ‘absolutely inspiredjihadists, emboldened Al Qaeda

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Morell, who twice served as acting director of the CIA under the Obama-Biden administration and was considered a frontrunner to then-President-elect Joe Biden's for the same position, told CBS' "Face the Nation on Su...

leader di Al Qaeda, creduto morto, appare nel video su 9/11 anniversario

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Il gruppo di intelligence SITE con sede negli Stati Uniti, che tiene traccia dei gruppi jihadisti online, twittato sull'esistenza del video, dicendo che Zawahiri ha fatto commenti sugli eventi che si sono verificati dopo che sono emerse per la prima volta le speculazioni che avrebbe ...

Milley says civil war in Afghanistan ‘likely’ after US withdrawal, could lead to ‘reconstitution of al Qaeda

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"My military estimate is…that the conditions are likely to develop of a civil war," Milley said. "I don't know if the Taliban is going to [essere] able to consolidate power and establish governance." DEFENSE SEC LLOYD A...

Biden says al Qaeda is ‘decimated.Is that true?

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"We delivered justice to bin Laden on May 2nd, 2011, over a decade ago. Al-Qaeda was decimated," Biden said Tuesday during his first address to the nation since the United States completed its military withdrawal fro...

Kabul airport a ‘very attractive targetfor ISIS-K, al Qaeda: Schiff

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"I think the threat to the airport is very real, very substantial... this would make a very attractive target for ISIS-K," Schiff told Fox News after attending a classified Afghanistan briefing Monday. Schiff's remar...

Schiff says Kabul airport a ‘very attractive targetfor ISIS-K, Al Qaeda

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"I think the threat to the airport is very real, very substantial... this would make a very attractive target for ISIS-K," Schiff told Fox News after attending a classified Afghanistan briefing Monday. Schiff's remar...

Blinken admits al Qaeda not ‘gonefrom Afghanistan despite Biden’s claim

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During remarks delivered at the White House, the president had questioned what interest the U.S. had in remaining in Afghanistan "with Al Qaeda gone," despite a United Nations report stating that the terrorist organi...

Il Pentagono ammette che al Qaeda ha una "presenza" in Afghanistan pochi minuti dopo che Biden ha detto che se ne sono andati

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BIDEN DIFENDE LA GESTIONE DEL RITIRO FALLITO DELL'AFGHANISTAN, DICE NON PU GARANTIRE OUTE "Mettiamo questo in prospettiva qui," Biden ha detto durante una conferenza stampa venerdì difendendo la decisione di ritirarsi dall'Afghanistan..

Biden’s speech was ‘disingenuous,’ al Qaeda will return, former Reagan official says

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Biden dug in on his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan during his speech, despite that the Taliban has swept through the nation. The Taliban quickly captured territory, invaded the capital city and took con...

Chairman of Joint Chiefs warns of growth of al Qaeda, threat to US amid Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

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The Associated Press first reported Monday that Milley, during a briefing with senators on Sunday, said U.S. officials were expected to alter their earlier assessments about the pace of terrorist groups rebuilding in...

Taliban spokesman refuses to explicitly denounce Al Qaeda in Lara Logan exclusive

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The interview, held only a few weeks before Afghanistan fell to Taliban insurgents over the weekend, will air in its entirety during a larger "No Agenda" special on Afghanistan being simulcast Sunday at 10 PM ET on F...

Bill Bennett: ‘We need to designate Mexican cartels as foreign terrorists like Al Qaeda

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"There is a poison that is coming across. We talked about the getaways. Do the people get away? How about the drugs that get away? " Bennett said on "Rapporti americani." "You guys are very good at showing these huge ca...

UN sounds alarm over threat posed by emboldened Taliban, still closely tied to al Qaeda

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An emboldened Taliban poses a severe and expanding threat to the government of Afghanistan, remains close to al Qaeda, and believes it can return to power by force if necessary, according to a United Nations Securit...