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FBI director says bureau is not investigating QAnon conspiracy ‘in its own right

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Washington For the second time in as many days, FBI director Christopher Wray acknowledged he remains concerned about potential violence incited by QAnon but despite telling lawmakers that the conspiracy theory is so...

Meet the Minnesota mom fighting QAnon conspiracies one Instagram story at a time

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When Sharon McMahon scrolled through social media in the months leading up to last year's presidential election, she said found herself horrified by the amount of "straight misinformation" filling her feed. "It wa...

‘QAnon Shamanrioter will eat organic food, while most prisons and jails have reputation for serving food that is unhealthy

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As trays with bologna sandwiches and canned fruit are being served to millions of people in America's prisons and jails, US Capitol rioter and so-called "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley is only eating organic food whil...

Minder as 10% of Americans like QAnon

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QAnon has been in the news a lot in recent weeks. Polling shows that many people at least partially blame it for the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, and it's a scary and dangerous conspiracy theory. Bu...

Die QAnon-sameswering is vals. Die skade wat dit aan kinderwelsynsgroepe berokken, is werklik

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Washington Kinderwelsynsorganisasies het maande lank die volle gewig van die koronavirus-pandemie gevoel, besorgdheid oor ongerapporteerde mishandeling te navigeer en te verseker dat hul hulpbronne beskikbaar is vir kinders wat in gevaar is. Maar ...

QAnon promoter Marjorie Taylor Greene wins seat in Congress

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican businesswoman known for espousing conspiratorial and bigoted views, won her House race to represent northwest Georgia, CNN projects Tuesday. The future congresswoman drew the sco...

Donald Trump’s new low on QAnon

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This is an exchange that happened on planet Earth in the year 2020 between NBC's Savannah Guthrie and President Donald Trump: Guthrie: Let me ask you about QAnon. It is this theory that Democrats are a Satanic pedo...

Pence will no longer hold fundraiser with QAnon supporters

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Vice President Mike Pence will no longer attend a Montana fundraiser originally slated for next week, a Trump campaign official told CNN. The campaign attributed the switch to a schedule adjustment and did not addre...