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Baker Mayfield’s wife, Emily, shares post criticizing Browns players, quickly deletes it

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Emily Mayfield, the wife of the Browns quarterback, was caught expressing her frustrations with her husband’s teammates. She reshared another fan’s post to her Instagram before taking it down. The Cleveland sports me...

Critics pan Thanksgiving advice in New York Times that kids who aren’t fully vaccinated should ‘eat quickly

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"If our child, 9, and a cousin, 10, have each received one dose of the vaccine two weeks prior to Thanksgiving, is it safe for us to eat indoors? There will be about 20 huéspedes, all vaccinated, y el 65 and older cr...

‘Dexter: New Bloodpretty quickly gets back under your skin

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"Dexter" finished on such a dreary note in 2013 that the first reaction to a planned revival was "Por qué?" Yet time has helped expunge the bad taste, as the limited series "Dexter: New Blood" infuses new, um, juice int...

Pompeo on Milley allegations: We need to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible

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MIKE POMPEO: We should make sure that we, as quickly as we can, find out if Gen. Milley spoke to Woodward himself. We should find out if Gen. Milley is prepared to testify, we can do it tomorrow or the next day to ge...

Grande 12 moving quickly to add 4 new members

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Three people familiar with the Big 12′s talks said Friday the eight schools being left behind by the Longhorns and Sooners are working to rebuild by adding four new members. Two of the people said there were regularl...

CNN’s Jake Tapper quickly reminded of liberal network’s scandals after tweet on ‘higher standardsat Jeopardy

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"We have higher standards for game show hosts than for Members of Congress, definitely a sign of a healthy society with its priorities in order," the outspoken anchor of "The Lead" tuiteó. This referenced the ongo...

Biden admin quickly processes migrants at border but can’t do the same with trapped Afghan interpreters

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The White House announced last month that it will speed up asylum claim processing for migrants at the southern border, claiming in a release that they are seeking to "justa, orderly and humane" immigration system aft...

Austrian Olympic table tennis star’s young daughter wants mom to ‘lose quickly and come home

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Liu, who advanced past the Round of 16 on Tuesday after defeating South Korea's Jeon Ji-hee in the singles event, says her daughter is indifferent about her reaching the finals and just wants her mom back home. WITH...

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream debuts and quickly sells out

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Nothing gets cheddar than this... The Kraft Heinz Company has partnered with Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to introduce a limited-edition macaroni and cheese flavor of ice cream. "We know that there is nothin...

Tampa quickly crowned ‘Champa Bayafter Lightning’s second straight Stanley Cup title

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The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in September to finish up the coronavirus-impacted NHL season and then again on Wednesday night against the Montreal Canadiens. The team won 8 de 11 Stanley Cup games betwe...

El secreto de la rapidez con que el pez payaso obtiene sus rayas revela un estudio más reciente

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Con su vibrante color naranja y rayas blancas., también conocido como bares, el pez payaso es una de las criaturas marinas más emblemáticas. Pero, ¿cómo desarrolla Nemo su aspecto distintivo?? Los científicos están aprendiendo más sobre ese proceso..

Por que el príncipe William se muestra reacio a reconciliarse con el príncipe Harry rápidamente

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Según los informes, los dos se han enfrentado a una ruptura desde que Harry, 36, y su esposa Meghan Markle se alejaron de sus deberes reales, posiblemente incluso más considerando los informes de que William, 39, confrontó a su hermano menor sobre ...

Los legisladores quieren que el Departamento de Justicia revise rápidamente los delitos de odio denunciados durante la pandemia

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Dos legisladores demócratas están reintroduciendo la legislación el jueves pidiendo la revisión acelerada de los delitos de odio relacionados con la pandemia.. La legislación conocida como Ley de crímenes de odio Covid-19 fue propuesta por primera vez por Re ...

Germany’s Merkel warns of third wave if lockdown is lifted too quickly

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Berlin German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that her country could be caught in a third wave of Covid-19 if it lifts its lockdown too quickly. Her comments come as daycare centers and elementary schools were re...

Rihanna’s call to support Indian farmers quickly embraced by other celebrities

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Rihanna's advocacy for farmers in India has caught the attention of many around the world, including the Indian government. El martes, the Barbados-born superstar asked her 100 million followers, "Why aren't we tal...

Fauci: US Covid-19 vaccine distribution will ‘get better very quickly

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Washington Dr. Anthony Fauci vowed Monday evening that US Covid-19 vaccine distribution will "get better very quickly" as the Biden administration rolls out a series of measures aimed at ramping up inoculation. "Obv...

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