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Donald Trump doesn’t want to fire Anthony Fauci. He wants him to quit.

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For a guy best known in pop culture -- prior to 2016 -- for telling people "Sei licenziato," Donald Trump doesn't actually like to fire people. His preferred method to get people to leave is to make his unhappiness w...

Il membro del Congresso cita gli sforzi di Trump per ribaltare le elezioni nell'annunciare la decisione di dimettersi dal GOP

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In un'intervista esclusiva, rappresentante. Paul Mitchell, Repubblicano del Michigan, ha detto alla CNN che il suo disgusto e la sua delusione per gli sforzi del presidente Donald Trump per ribaltare i risultati delle elezioni lo hanno portato a reque ...

Millie Bobby Brown almost quit acting after ‘Game of Thrones’ rifiuto

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Millie Bobby Brown says she almost quit acting after being passed over for a role in "Game of Thrones." "I think I was just very disheartened by the rejection, which is something I tell everyone," Brown told Jimmy ...

Jennette McCurdy, ‘iCarly’ stella, has quit acting and resents her career

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Don't look for Jennette McCurdy to appear in the planned reboot of "iCarly." McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett for six seasons on the Nickelodeon show that ended in 2012, talked about ditching acting on the podcast s...