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Trump doesn’t rule out backing Brian Kemp in Georgia gubernatorial race

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Ahead of his CPAC speech in Dallas, Fox News Digital asked Trump if he will support Kemp in his re-election bid against his Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams. "잘, we'll be looking at everything," Trump told Fox Ne...

Rescuers race to free miners trapped in flooded mine in Mexico

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Ten miners have been trapped in a flooded coal mine in northern Mexico for over 24 시간, as rescuers battle to reach them. The incident was reported Wednesday afternoon, when the miners encountered an abandoned tun...

Kurt Busch unable to race at Michigan, still battling concussion-like symptoms

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Busch was injured after crashing in qualifying July 23 at Pocono Raceway. He has missed the last two races with concussion-like symptoms. Ty Gibbs will again replace Busch in the No. 45 Toyota for 23XI Racing. ...

Warnock puts pressure on Walker to agree to debate in Georgia Senate race

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민주당 센. Raphael Warnock of Georgia is turning up the heat on Herschel Walker, calling out his Republican opponent for so far refusing to agree to public debates before this fall's election. Warnock released ...

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban’s ‘mixed racespeech condemned by ex-aide and Holocaust victims’ 그룹

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Hungary's hardline nationalist leader Viktor Orban is facing international condemnation after making remarks on race and multiculturalism that were slammed as a "pure Nazi text" by his longtime aide. Zsuzsa Hegedus,...

Thatcher’s legacy looms large in race to replace Boris Johnson as British prime minister

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The last two candidates standing are the country's foreign secretary, Lis Truss and Rishi Sunak, the former Treasury chief who resigned from Boris Johnson's government last month. The contest has primarily revolved ...

NASCAR: Ty Gibbs had to borrow clothes to drive in Pocono Cup Series race

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NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Ty Gibbs got his first Cup Series start at Pocono Raceway on Sunday when he was asked to fill in for the injured Kurt Busch. Busch was suffering from "concussion-like symptoms" after a ha...

선거 스포트라이트: 오하이오주 공화당 상원 후보 J.D. Vance는 주요 중간 문제에 대해 이야기합니다., 팀 라이언과의 치열한 경쟁

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이번 주, 단 한 명의 후보만이 참여하기로 선택했습니다 — 공화당 후보 J.D. Vance. 민주당 대선후보. 팀 라이언은 반복되는 논평 요청에 응답하지 않았다. Vance가 말한 내용은 다음과 같습니다.: 오하이오 공화국. 팀 라이언...

John Fetterman은 5월부터 캠페인 흔적을 벗어났습니다.. 오즈와의 상원 경쟁이 가열되면서, 그는 완전한 컴백을 기대하고 있습니다

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John Fetterman은 목요일에 캠페인 흔적으로 부드러운 복귀를 계속할 것입니다., 생명을 위협하는 뇌졸중 후 두 달 동안 필라델피아에서 열린 기금 마련 행사에 참석하여 그를 가장 가까운 가족 중 한 사람의 옆으로...

World Athletics Championships: Jamaica sweeps the 100 meters as Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce dominates the race

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네, she did it. 다시. 더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. . 셸리 앤 프레이저 프라이스, of Jamaica, reacts after winning Gold in the final in the women's 100-meter run at the World Athletics Championships o...

Christopher Bell, New Hampshire NASCAR Cup Series 레이스에서 두 번째 경력 우승

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아니. 1, 스타 드라이버 Martin Truex Jr. 일요일 레이스의 대부분을 지배했지만 4위로 퇴색했습니다., 무승부가 갑자기 NASCAR 플레이오프 버블에 진입하고 16명의 드라이버 필드가 있기 전에 6개의 레이스가 남았음을 의미합니다..

전문 경주용 자동차 운전자를 흉기로 찔러 숨지게 한 남성, 경찰 총격으로 사망, 당국은 말한다

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남부 캘리포니아 주유소에서 전문 경주용 자동차 운전사 바비 이스트(Bobby East)를 칼로 찔러 숨지게 한 남성이 나중에 경찰이 그를 체포하려 하던 중 경찰의 총격으로 사망했습니다., 뉴스에 따르면...

Britain’s Conservative party leadership race is turning into a transphobic spectacle

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Britain's Conservative leadership contest kicked off this week, a weeks-long process that will result in the country's next prime minister. Besides the standard pledges of tax cuts or a slimmed down state, there has...

The question we should be asking about the 2024 race now

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When Donald Trump tells you he is running for president again, you should believe him the first time. Witness an interview he did with New York magazine's Olivia Nuzzi recently. "잘, in my own mind, I've al...

Stacey Abrams paid over $700K by liberal think tank seeking to ‘center race in every policy decision

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Abrams formerly served as the executive director of the Roosevelt Institute’s Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP), during which she was paid at least $ 708,324 ...에서 2019 ...에 2021, according to a financial di...

Americans may get the one presidential race the country doesn’t want in 2024

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There's one tiny sliver of hope for Joe Biden in a devastating new poll that flags rising concerns over the President's age and performance and shows even most Democrats want another candidate in 2024. He could stil...

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