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After Ellison’s role in Chauvin trial, Democrats look to invest in attorney general races

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The role that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison played in the conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd has given Democrats a potent argument for redoubling the party's inve...

Indonesië jaag om vermiste duikboot te vind voordat dit Saterdag suurstof kry

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Bekommernisse in Jakarta het Donderdag toegeneem oor die lot van 'n Indonesiese duikboot wat vermis geraak het 53 bemanningslede aan boord, soos 'n militêre amptenaar gewaarsku het dat die vaartuig oor drie dae suurstof sou kry. Admir ...

Withuis jaag na potensiële Covid-19-oplewing

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Die Withuis jaag om te voorkom en voor te berei op 'n potensiële vierde koronavirus-oplewing, aangesien meer oordraagbare koronavirus-variante versprei oor die VSA -- om miljarde dollars te belê om die koronavirus te bevorder..

Die 2020 races that *still* don’t have a winner

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Die 2020 election is now in the country's rearview mirror. Wel, meestal. Although outgoing President Donald Trump's repeated attempts to suggest, with zero proof, that vote counts are somehow fraudulent and will be ...

Activists move from ‘protests to the pollsin a push to shape a slew of local races on Election Day

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Progressive activists are working to turn this year's nationwide protests over police brutality and racial injustice into results at the polls on Election Day, as they push to drive turnout and influence contests th...

Trump off the air in Ohio and Iowa as polls show tight races in both states

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President Donald Trump's campaign canceled its planned television advertising in Iowa and Ohio this week, focusing its spending on states where Trump is behind even as polls show he is neck-and-neck with Democratic ...

Political spending in presidential and congressional races projected to hit nearly $11 miljard, shattering records

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This year's political spending to elect a president and Congress is on pace to hit nearly $ 11 miljard, smashing all previous records, according to a new estimate by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. ...

Obama urges voters to focus on down-ballot races to combat gerrymandering

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Former President Barack Obama urged voters to focus on down-ballot races in new remarks published Thursday, arguing that while the presidential race gets the most attention, it is down-ballot races that could have t...

Democratic group to spend $15 million on key state legislature races

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A Democratic organization plans to pour $ 15 million into key state legislative races across the country, operatives with the group tell CNN, money that will influence races that could tilt the balance in states th...