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Rachel Campos-Duffy: Drugs, cartel members and gangs coming across the border

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RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: Rightfully, there’s been a lot of attention on the children that have come across the border because it’s such a catastrophic humanitarian thing to witness, but…the other part of the story is who...

Rachel Bilson was ‘super bummedthat Rami Malek made her take down a photo of them both from Instagram

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Rachel Bilson had what she thought was a cool throwback photo of her and Rami Malek, but according to her, Malek didn't think so. It turns out they went to high school together, and according to "The O.C." stella, wer...

Biden announces Rachel Levine as pick for assistant secretary at HHS, would be first transgender Senate-confirmed federal official

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President-elect Joe Biden has nominated Dr. Rachel Levine to serve as assistant health secretary, and she would make history as the first out, transgender federal official to be confirmed by the United States Senate...

Rachel Zoe says her son survived 40-foot fall from ski lift

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Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is sharing a terrible scare her family went through after her 9-year-old son fell 40 feet from a ski lift. Zoe didn't say when it happened but it appears to have been recent. She provi...