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Australian officials are racing to save hundreds of stranded pilot whales. A third have already died

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Marine experts and government officials are racing to save hundreds of pilot whales after a mass stranding in Australia, with dozens of the animals already dead. Sobre 270 pilot whales are stranded in Strahan, a sma...

They’re not allowed to vote. But they’re racing to make sure you do

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En primer lugar, Angelica Guzman was taken aback by some of the replies she got when she made calls about the election. "I'm too busy to vote," one person told her. "I just don't think my vote will count," another said. NORTE...

El mejor entrenador de carreras Gordon Elliott se disculpa por una foto de sí mismo sentado en un caballo muerto

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El mejor entrenador de carreras, Gordon Elliott, se disculpó después de que apareció una foto de él sentado encima de un caballo muerto.. Elliott, que entrena caballos en los establos de Cullentra en el condado de Meath, Irlanda, ha ganado una gran cantidad de títulos importantes..

Las carreras de caballos enfrentan un nuevo escrutinio de bienestar después de que aparecen más imágenes de un jinete posando sobre un caballo muerto

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La industria de las carreras de caballos se enfrenta a un nuevo escrutinio sobre el bienestar de los animales después de que aparecieron imágenes que muestran a un jinete aficionado saltando sobre el lomo de un caballo muerto.. El martes, la Junta Reguladora de las Carreras de Caballos de Irlanda twee ...

No conozco a mi papá tanto como pensaba. Estoy compitiendo contra el tiempo para saber más

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Jeanne Bonner es escritora, editor y traductor literario. Su escritura ha sido publicada por The New York Times., NPR, Revista Delta Sky y CNN. Ella enseña escritura en Connecticut. Las opiniones expresadas en este com ...

NASCAR racing in the rain? Test proves its possible

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While road course events can carry on in wet weather, races on ovals are often delayed from hours to days when the skies open up, due to concerns about safety in the high-speed turns. TV and travel schedules are affe...

Lordstown Endurance electric racing truck revealed ahead of San Felipe 250

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The startup automaker has entered the event to help develop the vehicle and prove its durability ahead of the start of production this September. Lordstown CEO Steve Burns told Fox News Autos the race truck is using ...

Simona de Silvestro returning to Indy 500 with first female-operated racing team

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Swiss pro racing driver Simona de Silvestro turned her first laps at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in early April during a test session ahead of the start of the IndyCar season. (Paretta Autosport) ...

Queen Elizabeth’s former racing advisor, Sir Michael Oswald, muerto en 86

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Oswald died at the age of 86 en sábado, the same day the 94-year-old reigning monarch laid her husband, El príncipe Felipe, to rest at a funeral held at Windsor Castle. The U.K.'s Times reported that he passed away aft...

Electric racing Volkswagen ID.4 is the new Baja Bug

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Volkswagen has teamed up with Rhys Millen Racing to enter one of the all-electric utility vehicles in the five-day Norra 1000 race in Baja, México. It's not in it to win it, but to test the durability of the electric...

Dale Earnhardt Jr. returning to racing in 9/11 tribute car

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The semi-retired driver will take part in the Xfinity Series race at Richmond Speedway 20 years to the day of the 9/11 attacks in a car that pays tribute to those lost and the heroes of the day, along with the frontl...

King of the Baggers: A slice of pure American folklore goes racing

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Take a ramshackle group of racing misfits and some wildly inappropriate machinery, add a couple of finely honed professional athletes, throw in a rivalry that dates back more than a century, top it off with a beer a...

Red-faced mom opens up about embarrassing blunder after racing baby to ER

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Mom of three Becky Stiles, 24, told the Sun of her horror at seeing the large dark red "agujero" in the roof of 10-month-old son Harvey’s mouth as she changed his diaper at home in Essex. SERIAL KILLER VA NURSING ASSIST...

Horse racing has more questions than answers post-Preakness

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That moment is fleeting. With the Belmont Stakes on June 5 wrapping up the Triple Crown series, the sport is filled with more questions than answers. Even if Rombauer goes to the Belmont potentially facing Derby favo...

Muere el exjefe de automovilismo Max Mosley 81

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Max Mosley, the former president of motorsport's world governing body, FIA, ha muerto a la edad de 81, an FIA spokesperson told CNN on Monday. Mosley became FIA President in 1993 and served four terms before standin...

New horse racing chief calls sport’s clean-up ‘steep climb

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In his first public comments since being appointed chairman of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority’s board, Charlie Scheeler said Wednesday that Medina Spirit’s case is instructive for how the sport should...

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