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Nadat kadette in nuusberigte rassisme beweer, staat gelas hersiening van Virginia Military Institute se kultuur

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Die staat se topleiers bestel 'n hersiening van wat hulle sê die "duidelike en ontsettende kultuur van voortdurende strukturele rassisme by die Virginia Military Institute," na aanleiding van nuusberigte waarin bewerings deur Bl ...

Hank Aaron rose to the top of baseball while facing pervasive racism. He leaves behind a powerful legacy

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Baseball legend Hank Aaron is remembered today as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Crucial to his legacy is that unlike his White counterparts, he pulled off his most significant achievements while endurin...

Harvard study finds institutional racism ‘permeatesthe Massachusetts justice system

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Blacks and Latinos sent to prison in Massachusetts receive longer sentences than their White counterparts sentenced for similar crimes, says a new report by Harvard Law School researchers. They're also more likely t...

Nieu-Seelandse mediareus Stuff vra om verskoning vir rassisme teenoor inheemse Māori-mense

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Nieu-Seeland se grootste media-uitgewer, Dinge, het in die openbaar verskoning gevra vir die manier waarop dit Māori-mense uitgebeeld het, na 'n interne ondersoek bewyse van "rassisme en marginalisering" in sy verteenwoordiging ...

Susan Collins: ‘I do not believe systemic racism is a problem in the state of Maine

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Washington Sen.. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican defending her seat in a competitive reelection fight, said during a debate on Wednesday that she does not think that systemic racism is a problem in the state. "Ek doen ...

GoFundMe’s biggest campaigns in history spotlight America’s most pressing issues: honger, rassisme, en Covid-19

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GoFundMe released its 2020 giving report, and it is spotlighting some of America's biggest struggles: honger, rassisme, en Covid-19. "Many millions of people across the US and the world are facing incredibly difficul...

A third of Americans don’t see systemic racism as a barrier to good health, survey says

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A third of Americans don't see systemic racism as a barrier to good health even after communities of color have been hit the hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic, sê navorsers. The new findings of the ongoing nationa...

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach defends hire of coach previously accused of racism

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New Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has defended the hiring of a former controversial coach who has previously been accused of racism and bullying. The NFL team announced on Thursday that they had hired...

Kansas City Chiefs fans booed players during a moment of unity against racism

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans kicked off the 2020 NFL season by holding a moment of unity against racism together on the field at Arrowhead Stadium only to have boos heard from the Kansas City crowd. Die...

Popular culture made it impossible to ignore America’s reckoning with racism in 2020

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Whether you lived in rural America, the bustling streets of a big city or even another country, you couldn't ignore the nation's racial reckoning of 2020 -- and how Black Lives Matter resonated throughout popular cu...

Prince Harry says he’s had an ‘awakeningon racism, in a world ‘created by White people for White people

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London Prince Harry has described his "awakening" to the existence of systemic racism, sê "the world that we know has been created by White people for White people." Harry said he has only recently recognized the...

UK lawyer who wrote book on racism says she was racially profiled four times in one day

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A UK lawyer who wrote a book about discrimination in the court system has said she was racially profiled four times in one day, including being mistaken for a defendant. Alexandra Wilson, a mixed-race barrister who ...

'N Swembad wat gedreineer is, wys hoe rassisme wit mense benadeel, ook

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If you're a White person who thinks racism only hurts people of color, die verhaal agter 'n leë, verlate swembad in Missouri kan dalk net van plan verander. Die Fairground Park-swembad in St.. Louis was the larges...

'N Maatskappy in Brasilië het 'n omstrede stap gedoen om rassisme te beveg. Ander uitvoerende hoofde moet dit probeer

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Arick Wierson is 'n Emmy-bekroonde televisievervaardiger en voormalige senior media-adviseur van Michael Bloomberg, burgemeester van New York. Hy adviseer kliënte oor kommunikasiestrategieë in die Verenigde State, Afrika en Latyn A..

Sacramento County declares racism a public health crisis

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Sacramento County this week became the latest local government to declare racism a public health crisis. The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution that declared racism a...

The University of Louisville’s law school is offering a class on systematic racism titled ‘Breonna Taylor’s Louisville

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Vir maande, the city of Louisville in Kentucky has been at the center of nationwide protests demanding justice for the police killing of Breonna Taylor. Now the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law is ...

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