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Missouri parents outraged over assignment question about Republicans and racism: ‘Telling kids what to think

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"It’s disheartening to see that this type of indoctrination has been instilled in our public schools," Republican Missouri State Rep. Nick Schroer told "Volpe & Amici" di lunedi. The question appeared on an in-cl...

Former Army Ranger discusses what he learned about racism in the military after 15 tours in Iraq, Afghanistan

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The Department of Defense under Secretary Lloyd Austin has taken several steps aimed at eliminating extremism from the service and expanding equity. But extremism and racism aren’t issues within the ranks, since such...

America’s focus on racism is ‘hurting the country’: Adam Carolla

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"It used to be ‘bring us the best and the brightest’" said Carolla. "Now it's 'bring us the least-Whitest.'" "It's a constant obsession in 2022 of a problem that has essentially been solved years ago, and it's hurtin...

NPR podcast explores how environmentalism overlaps with racism and Nazis

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Durante "Consider This" podcast, host Ari Shapiro and his guests had a discussion which was titled, "The Growing Overlap Between The Far-Right And Environmentalism. " The pair explained connections between environ...

Egypt FA accuses Senegal fans of racism after dramatic World Cup playoff

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The Egyptian Football Association has claimed its men's national team was subject to racism during a defeat in its FIFA World Cup playoff match against Senegal on Tuesday. In a statement on Instagram, the governing...

CNN op-ed accuses Ben Sasse of racism, sexism for complimenting Ketanji Brown Jackson

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Academic scholar Peniel E. Joseph took issue with most of the Republicans questioning Jackson, calling their treatment in the hearing, "razzistA, sexist mudslinging," in his op-ed for CNN. After slamming Republican Se...

Despite rising crime, Dems had little incentive to shift from ‘white racismnarrative until now: esperto

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"It's about power. And the Democratic Party gets a lot of mileage out of blaming problems in the Black community on White people. And Black activists, that's how they stay relevant, it's how they raise money — by bla...

New York Times slammed over claim GOP using ‘appeals to racism,’ conservative ‘fringesduring Jackson hearing

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Nel pezzo, the authors criticized Republican arguments that Jackson was soft on crime and claimed concerns the judge had previously been lenient on child sex offenders "appeared to be exploiting echoes of QAnon," ...

Bill Maher rips cancel culture ‘lumpingRussians with Putin: If they weren’t White, we’d call that ‘racism

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"Do you think we're, uno, lumping the Russians too much with their government?" Maher asked the show's panelists during Friday night's "Overtime" segmento. "I feel like in this country what we're doing now, tutto sta andando storto ...

Chris Hayes accuses Poland of racism for accepting Ukrainian refugees, but not Syrians

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"For many reasons, Compreso, francamente, razzismo, anti-Muslim bigotry, the paranoia of post-9/11 war on terror, many of those same countries, which quite explicitly refused to accept refugees that Russia created in Syri...

'La vista’ incolpa le critiche di Kamala Harris sul razzismo, misoginia: incolpa le critiche di Kamala Harris sul razzismo’

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incolpa le critiche di Kamala Harris sul razzismo, incolpa le critiche di Kamala Harris sul razzismo, incolpa le critiche di Kamala Harris sul razzismo.

russo, Belarusian NHL players facing ‘discrimination and racismamid conflict in Ukraine, agent says

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Dan Milstein, a Ukrainian-born agent who represents the majority of those athletes being targeted in the league, told ESPN this week his clients have become concerned for their safety as they face increasing harassme...

Leo Terrell: Liberal crime policies backfiring due to ‘false assumptionabout systemic racism

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AOC, SQUAD UNDER FIRE AS DEMS REJECT THEIR 'DEEPLY PROBLEMATIC' AGENDA LEO TERRELL: sì, they have backfired. Perché? Because there is a false assumption that it’s a systemic racist policy that exists in these cities. IO...

Video of NJ police response to teen fight sparks outrage and racism allegations

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The one-minute video of the Saturday fight at Bridgewater Commons in Bridgewater Township shows the teens arguing with each other before the two exchange punches. A still of the video shows Bridgewater poli...

Rivelazioni sul tetto: The charge of systemic racism was the original ‘Defund the police

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Quello che segue è stato leggermente modificato. Ti invitiamo vivamente a guardare il video di accompagnamento in modo che tu possa ascoltare il pastore con le sue stesse parole. I've been reading about the rising crime all over America. Qui, we just ha...

Tennessee and Florida aren’t the only states where the history of racism is under siege

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Washington Una versione di questa storia è apparsa nella newsletter Race Deconstructed della CNN. Per riceverlo nella tua casella di posta ogni settimana, iscriviti gratuitamente qui. Nel 1926, Carter G. Woodson, a historian and the co-founder of the Associa...