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A California student has been disciplined after making racist comments at a high school basketball game, school district says

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A high school student in Orange County, California, was disciplined after making "inappropriate and inflammatory racist comments" toward a Black basketball player during a game last week, the Saddleback Valley Unifi...

A Black ex-sheriff’s deputy is suing a White ex-supervisor and is alleging years of racist treatment

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A Black police officer says he was subject to "racismo," "bigotry" y "discrimination" at the hands of a White supervisor for more than five years, a lawsuit says. In a lawsuit filed last week in the US District...

Prometido de 90 días: Before the 90 Dias’ star Alina Kozhevnikova fired from show over racist social media posts

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The network confirmed to Fox News that Alina Kozhevnikova will no longer be a feature of the show after social media posts resurfaced online that many called racist. "TLC discontinued filming with Alina Kasha followi...

Olivia Munn speaks out after a racist Zoom-bombing disrupts an AAPI gathering

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A virtual gathering of high-profile Asian American creators, including actress Olivia Munn, became the subject of their own discussion -- after the meeting was "Zoom-bombed" with anti-Asian images. Munn, the Nationa...

East Coast Hockey League suspends player indefinitely after alleged racist gesture toward Black opponent

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The East Coast Hockey League suspended Jacksonville Icemen defenseman Jacob Panetta indefinitely after he allegedly made a racist gesture toward South Carolina Stingrays defenseman Jordan Subban during Saturday's ga...

NHL decries ‘abhorrentracist incidents in the minor leagues

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HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . The NHL released a statement on the incidents. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, file) "Incidents of racism, whether they occur in hockey or anywhere else, are abhorrent....

American Hockey League suspends player for 30 games for racist gesture toward Black player

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The American Hockey League (AHL) on Friday suspended San Jose Barracuda forward Krystof Hrabik for 30 games for directing a racist gesture toward Boko Imama of the Tucson Roadrunners during a game earlier this month...

A New York school district has apologized for a middle school Spanish assignment that some parents are calling racist

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Administrators at a school district in upstate New York issued an apology after parents expressed outrage on social media about an offensive homework assignment. Sixth graders at Mill Middle School in the Williamsvi...

Boxer sues promoter Bob Arum, saying he’s a racist

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Despite Crawford’s obvious flaws as a box office draw, he’s blaming and suing his former promoter, Top Rank’s Bob Arum, for his lack of financial success. Crawford, a black fighter, claims Arum, a white man, is a rac...

Gutfeld: You’re either on Biden’s side or you’re racist

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You could tell the letter came from the secretary of education because of all of the spelling mistakes. If you remember the letter, which the board has since apologized for, called for federal action to address host...

Barrier-breaking Black prosecutor faces deadly racist threats

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The first Black woman to lead the US Attorney's Office for Massachusetts was sworn in Monday as she faces an uptick in threats against her following a contentious confirmation process. The violent and often racist...

Penn Law’s dean calls professor’s comments ‘anti-intellectualand ‘racistafter she said the US is ‘better off with fewer Asians

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The dean at one of the country's top law schools is calling comments from a professor at the university "racista" y "anti-intellectual" after she said the influx of "Asian elites" in the US is dangerous and problem...

Former Trump adviser suing New York state for racialized coronavirus priorities: ‘This is racist fascism

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Miller's organization, America First Legal, is mounting a legal challenge against the state for allegedly favoring non-White patients in the distribution of limited COVID-19 treatments. The state's Department of Heal...

Let’s debunk Democrats’ 2021 ‘Manchin is racistmyth – Build Back Better was bad for the country

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According to Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y.: "It’s an example of Joe Manchin, as a white man, showing that he doesn’t care about black people, he doesn’t care about Latinos, he doesn’t care about immigrants, he doesn’t c...

Pago adicional para profesores no blancos "racistas",’ un intento de volver a "algo peligroso": Activista de la educación

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"Es completamente racista," Garrett le dijo al anfitrión invitado Sean Duffy. " ... Es una política tan liberal disfrazada de "nos preocupamos por ti" para sentirse bien BS. Y es un intento de volver a algo peligroso." ESCUELA INTERMEDIA DE MINNESOTA..

Un juez de Luisiana está de licencia sin goce de sueldo y enfrenta presión para renunciar después de que apareció un video casero con lenguaje racista

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Un juez en Lafayette, Luisiana, está tomando una licencia y enfrenta llamadas para su renuncia luego de que saliera a la luz un video con lenguaje racista grabado en su casa. Un abogado de la jueza de la corte de la ciudad Michelle M. Odinet t...

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