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"Este sol no es normal": La radiación ultravioleta extrema está abrasando las tierras altas de Bolivia

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(La Paz)La ciudad de la Paz, en las tierras altas de Bolivia, se ha visto afectada por una inusual ola de calor, con niveles de ultravioleta (UV) radiación disparada fuera de las listas, exacerbado por niveles inusualmente bajos de nubosidad, algunos expertos vinculan ...

China says radiation levels are normal around Taishan nuclear power plant after reported leak

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Hong Kong China said Tuesday that radiation levels around the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant are normal, following CNN's exclusive report the United States government was assessing a reported leak at the facility. "El r...

Chernobyl radiation effects have not been passed on to next generation, hallazgos del estudio

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Parents who were exposed to radiation from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster did not pass genetic changes caused by radiation exposure on to their children, un nuevo estudio ha encontrado. los 1986 reactor explosi...

When this creature faces deadly radiation, glowing is the only option

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Deadly levels of radiation won't stop this creature from shining bright. This newly discovered strain of tardigrade can protect itself from lethal levels of ultraviolet light through glowing, according to a recent s...

Radiation on moon’s surface measured for the first time, estudio dice

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When the next astronaut to reach the moon walks on the lunar surface in 2024, she'll face radiation levels 200 times higher than on Earth. While Apollo mission astronauts carried dosimeters to the moon to measure ra...