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Scott Walker on ‘America’s Newsroom’: Kids falling behind because of teachers’ sindicatos, ‘radicalslike Fauci

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CNN MENTATOR DEFENDS STACEY ABRAMS' MASKLESS CLASSROOM VISIT: IT'S A ‘NON-ISSUE' SCOTT WALKER: I remember earlier this past year the mayor of Chicago, who I don't often agree with, very liberal, but on this issue, sh ...

Eric Adams’ new NYPD commissioner appointed in front of a mural of radicals and a cop killer

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Keechant Sewell, a Long Island police official, was sworn in as New York City’s next police commissioner on Wednesday, in front of a mural of Malcolm X, Nat Turner, Angela Davis, and Assata Shakur. Incoming...

Dan Crenshaw on ‘Kilmeade Show’: Democrats are making a mistake siding with radicals

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YOUNGKIN HITS BACK AT BIDEN'S JANUARY 6TH JAB: 'STANDARD RHETORIC OF A FAILING CAMPAIGN' DAN CRENSHAW: The teachers' unions have pitted themselves against the regular parents, the regular Americans out there. They've...

Joe Concha: Mientras los radicales se apoderan del Partido Demócrata, estos liberales pueden ser la única voz de la razón que queda

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Las voces de la razón en el Partido Demócrata son… Bill Maher y Jon Stewart? Las voces más fuertes en el lado azul del pasillo son personas como Representantes Demócratas. Alejandría Ocasio-Cortez, N.Y., Ilhan Omar, Minnesota, Adán ...

Su. Cotton accuses Biden of stacking DOJ with defund the police ‘radicals

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Cotton retweeted a video on Monday of Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioning White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday about the rise of violent crime across America. En el tweet, the senator accused Biden of pack...

Biden being ‘held hostageby far-left, anti-Semitic radicals: KT McFarland

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ACTUALIZACIONES EN VIVO: ISRAELI WARPLANES RAIN FIRE ON GAZA AS MIDDLE EAST VIOLENCE INTENSIFIES KT MCFARLAND: I think that the left wing of the Democrat Party is holding the White House hostage. The White House is in a positio...