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Johnny Depp rails against cancel culture: ‘No one is safe

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El actor, 58, was present to receive the honorary Donostia Award and according to Deadline, used his speaking time to tell the audience he's been treated unfairly. "It can be seen as an event in history that lasted...

Gobernador de Nebraska. Ricketts rails against vaccine mandate: Biden ‘pretty ignorant of what’s going on

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Ricketts criticized Biden for a lack of communication with states, noting that since taking office he has not participated in any of the weekly phone calls the White House has with the nation's governors. NEBRASKA GO...

Bill Maher critica a la NFL por el himno nacional negro: Es "segregación’ "Con un nombre diferente!’

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Maher comenzó el panel de discusión del programa el viernes por la noche sobre el tema de la educación en Estados Unidos y cómo los campus universitarios y las aulas se han convertido en un "fábrica de justicia social," enumerando varias instancias en todo el país..

Hannity rails Biden over Afghanistan: We ‘don’t have a president seemingly aware and capable of leading

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Nearly two dozen U.S. diplomats warned Secretary of State Antony Blinken in July that the country could fall to the Taliban, according to a memo first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The Biden administration "I...

Miley Cyrus offers to educate DaBaby amid scandal, rails against ‘cancel culturein social media post

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While on stage at a Miami-area concert, the Grammy-nominated rapper used crude language and asked attendees who weren’t gay men or people not affected by HIV or AIDS to raise their cellphone flashlights. He then inco...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rails against CRT opposition: Teachers should be ‘fluent in how to dismantle racism

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Appearing on CNN, the far-left Squad member claimed CRT was not currently being taught in schools, argued that teachers should be "fluent in how to dismantle racism," and accused Republicans of not wanting "kids to k...

Everything we know about Kelly Preston’s final movie ‘Off the Rails

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The star of films like "Jerry Maguire" y "mellizos" died in July of 2020 a la edad 57, much to the surprise of her fans who were largely unaware of the fact that she was engaged in a very secret, two-year battle with bre...

Su. Cotton rails Navy officer’s reading list: Sailors should focus on ‘fighting real wars’, no guerras culturales

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Algodón: Bien, at best, it's a waste of time of our sailors to be reading such nonsense. They should be focused on basic seamanship or maritime strategy, naval history, leadership and so forth. But more likely, it act...

Su. Ron Johnson rails against DC statehood as power grab for the ‘elite group of people here

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In addition to the constitutional concerns and political ramifications of admitting a new overwhelmingly blue state to the union, Johnson implied the Senate should be wary of Washingtonians who "have a vested interes...

Portland police union rails against ‘defund policecommissioner after riot squad resignations

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Portland Police Association Executive Director Daryl Turner argued in a statement issued Friday that "roving gangs of black-clad rioters do not speak for the hundreds of thousands of residents and business owners of ...

Trump critica el "buen día de Biden para Rusia"’ cumbre con putin, destaca los supuestos vínculos de Hunter

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Trump le dijo al anfitrión Sean Hannity que está molesto porque Biden no obtuvo ninguna victoria durante la cumbre, mientras que en su vista, Putin y Rusia dominaron el día. El expresidente destacó el hecho de que Biden se mantuvo firme en su decisión..

Los invitados de MSNBC no controlados se oponen a los "bromuros"’ otorgar a Israel el derecho a defenderse

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La presentadora de izquierda Joy Reid permitió que el invitado no se controlara mientras arremetía contra "bromuros" que otorgan a Israel "el derecho a defenderse," argumentando en cambio que los palestinos deben defenderse de los judíos. "Ellos...

Dr. Peter McCullough tells ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ the world has gone ‘off the railswith treating COVID-19

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Durante la entrevista, McCullough says "something has gone off the rails in the world" with treating COVID-19, asserting he has no agenda but is "deeply concerned" about the science, medical literature and the irregul...

Manchin rails against eliminating filibuster, says he’s not ‘going to be part of blowing up this Senate

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CNN "Estado de la unión" anchor Dana Bash asked Manchin how he would respond to Democrats who say that he is one of the "main roadblocks" to President Biden passing his "ambitious agenda," prompting Manchin to say,...

Hannity rails Biden and Democratswillingness to do anything for power: ‘They want to overhaul’ Corte Suprema

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HANNITY: Joe Biden's radical extreme socialist agenda is taking yet another step to the left. As the weak,the frail, the ever-struggling cognitively Joe Biden ordered a commission to study the effects of judicial ref...

Matt Gaetz rails against Liz Cheney in Wyoming

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Watch CNN's Lucy Kafanov's coverage from Cheyenne, Wyoming on "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon" Thursday at 10 pm. Y. Cheyenne, Wyoming Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida railed against GOP Rep. Liz Cheney at the Wyo...