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Beta downgraded from tropical storm as it dumps more rain on already soaked Texas

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Flash flood watches are affecting nearly 11 million people along the coasts of Texas and Louisiana as Beta, now downgraded to a tropical depression, moves slowly inland, dumping more rain on an already saturated reg...

Actor Paul Rudd hands out cookies to voters waiting in the rain to cast their ballots

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Do your civic duty, get a cookie -- from Paul Rudd. The actor spent Thursday morning handing out blueberry-and-cream cookies to early voters in Brooklyn. As people lined up in the rain, waiting to cast their vote, ...

East Coast braces for snow, heavy rain in first major storm system of the fall

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In typical 2020 Moda, the East Coast's first major storm system of the fall will arrive right as we say good riddance to this year's record-breaking hurricane season. Aproximadamente 15 million people from Louisiana to N...

La víspera de Año Nuevo nevará en el centro de EE. UU. Mientras que se pronostica lluvia en la costa este

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Mientras lanzamos 2020 al borde del camino y bienvenido 2021 con los brazos abiertos, Se espera que se desarrolle una importante tormenta de invierno en el centro de los EE. UU. esta semana.. But the first area of concern is a storm in the Western US on Sunday an...

Sobre 60 million under winter weather alerts as rain and snow impact the East Coast

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The cold weather sweeping through much of the US is still going to be around Friday, but the good news is that it's expected to warm up this weekend and into next week. sin embargo, right now there are still over 60 mi...

Las vacunas Covid-19 debían ser rescatadas en barco ya que las fuertes lluvias causaron inundaciones en Kentucky

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Un lote de vacunas Covid-19 tuvo que ser rescatado en barco después de que las fuertes lluvias amenazaran el suministro de energía en un centro de salud de Kentucky., de acuerdo con el gobernador. Andy Beshear. Las dosis fueron rescatadas del Departamento de Salud del Condado de Lee..

Millions are under winter storm advisories as blizzards and heavy rain move across the US

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Much of the country is gearing up for severe weather this weekend as late-season winter storms intensify. A slow-moving system could produce the biggest snowfall in decades for the Eastern Rockies and Western Plains...

El potente sistema de tormenta trae consigo condiciones de ventisca, mas nieve, preocupaciones por la lluvia y las inundaciones

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Más de siete millones de estadounidenses están bajo alertas de clima invernal y sobre 300,000 bajo advertencias de ventisca el domingo por la mañana en medio de un poderoso sistema de tormentas que cubrió partes de las llanuras occidentales con nieve y unle ...

NASCAR racing in the rain? Test proves its possible

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While road course events can carry on in wet weather, races on ovals are often delayed from hours to days when the skies open up, due to concerns about safety in the high-speed turns. TV and travel schedules are affe...

Previsión meteorológica nacional: Widespread rain, thunderstorms moving across US

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The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk of severe weather including hail and strong winds over the Central Plains on Tuesday and Tuesday night. El miércoles, the threat shifts southeast to the Lower Mis...

Previsión meteorológica nacional: Severe storms, potential heavy rain possible in southern US

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The Storm Prediction Center has issued an enhanced risk of severe weather -- including tornado, wind and hail threats -- over the Lower Mississippi Valley for this afternoon into tonight. These risks are centered o...

Stroman unhappy Mets allowed him to start in rain

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The game began at 1:10 pm. and was stopped by plate umpire D.J. Reyburn after seven minutes. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Home teams decide whether to start games. Once a game has begun, umpires decide whe...

Tom Brady calls Tony Finau during Masters rain delay

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Finau, who was waiting out the 78-minute delay in the caddie house, was approached by Augusta club member Jimmy Dunne, and he told the 31-year-old golfer that he had someone who wanted to talk to him on FaceTime. Eso ...

Lluvia, then snow halts game with D’backs leading Reds in 8th

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Play was called just before the rain turned into snow at Great American Ball Park. It will resume before the teams play their regularly scheduled game on Wednesday night. Both will be nine-inning regulation games. CL ...

Previsión meteorológica nacional: West facing rain, mountain snow

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This system along with the associated cold front will move into the central U.S. mañana, bringing the risk for strong to severe weather Tuesday from Texas to the Great Lakes. The risk of severe weather ...

Heavy rain brings flash flood emergency to Alabama, Southeastern states

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A flash flood emergency in Alabama knocked out power for tens of thousands of customers, toppled trees and forced boat rescues on city streets and highways. PREVISIÓN METEOROLÓGICA NACIONAL: DESTRUCTIVE STORMS TO FINALLY EX...

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