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Millions are under winter storm advisories as blizzards and heavy rain move across the US

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Much of the country is gearing up for severe weather this weekend as late-season winter storms intensify. A slow-moving system could produce the biggest snowfall in decades for the Eastern Rockies and Western Plains...

PGA Tour hopes for best after rain soaks Liberty National

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That was the hope, de todas formas. Jon Rahm and Cameron Smith finished the third round Saturday tied for the lead at 16-under 197, one shot ahead of Erik van Rooyen. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . The PGA Tour d...

Dustin Hoffman is selling his ‘Rain ManBuick Roadmaster

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The Buick Roadmaster featured in "Rain Man" is as famous as the Oscar-winning road trip drama's stars, Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, and two of them have spent the past 34 years together. After filming was complete,...

Previsión meteorológica nacional: Gulf Coast faces heavy rain, flooding risk

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Some stronger thunderstorms could also pop up across Texas through Thursday with lightning, strong winds, hail and isolated tornadoes. Flood advisories currently in effect. (Fox News)

Purdue cheerleader belly flops into puddle as rain pours

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As rain poured and puddled on the sideline at Ross-Ade Stadium, the Purdue mascot dared the cheerleader to jump into the water. The cheerleader launched into a full-extension belly flop. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS DEPORTES CO ...

Rain could dampen your star-spangled plans this weekend

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The Fourth of July finally falls on a weekend and people are looking to get outdoors -- but in some regions of the US, an umbrella will be on the packing list, while sunscreen and a way to cool down are on others. ...

Por lo menos 35 muerto después de fuertes lluvias en el sur de la India

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Nueva Delhi al menos 35 personas han muerto y decenas más siguen desaparecidas después de que las fuertes lluvias azotaran partes del sur de la India, destruyendo casas e inundando caminos, funcionarios dijeron el lunes. Inundaciones repentinas provocadas por ...

El potente sistema de tormenta trae consigo condiciones de ventisca, mas nieve, preocupaciones por la lluvia y las inundaciones

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Más de siete millones de estadounidenses están bajo alertas de clima invernal y sobre 300,000 bajo advertencias de ventisca el domingo por la mañana en medio de un poderoso sistema de tormentas que cubrió partes de las llanuras occidentales con nieve y unle ...

Ida bringing tornado, rain threats as it moves inland

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The National Hurricane Center says landfall occurred around 11:55 soy. CT with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph. Flood advisories currently in effect. (Fox News) Ida has weakened into a tropical ...

Previsión meteorológica nacional: Soaked Gulf Coast faces another day of heavy rain

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More wet weather over saturated ground will be a major concern for the Central and Western Gulf Coast. The national forecast for Thursday, Mayo 20. (Fox News)

Rain delays NASCAR’s Talladega playoff race to Monday: Qué saber

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The Cup Series will try to get things going again at Noon local time (1 pm. Y) at the Alabama track. NASCAR's policy is that it won't start a race unless there's enough time to potentially finish it, which puts a d...

More rain ahead for Texas as cleanup begins after flooding emergency hits Gulf Coast

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While Tropical Storm Elsa was dumping heavy rain on Florida on Wednesday, Texas was dealing with its own flooding crisis. A flash flood emergency was issued for Rockport and Fulton, Texas, on Wednesday afternoon aft...

Kerry, la hija de Gene Kelly, recuerda la feroz devoción de la estrella de "Cantando bajo la lluvia" por la familia en Hollywood

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Gene Kelly, el amado hombre de la canción y la danza que protagonizó películas como "Cantando en la lluvia," "En la ciudad," "Leven anclas" y "Un americano en París," falleció en 1996 a la edad 83. El actor apareció en 45 películas y ...

NASCAR racing in the rain? Test proves its possible

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While road course events can carry on in wet weather, races on ovals are often delayed from hours to days when the skies open up, due to concerns about safety in the high-speed turns. TV and travel schedules are affe...

Two dead and 10 injured after Mississippi highway washed away by heavy rain

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Dos personas murieron y 10 others injured after part of a highway was washed away Monday night near the town of Lucedale, Misisipí, los funcionarios dijeron. The incident occurred on the two-lane Highway 26 in George Co...

Scientists are zapping clouds with electricity to make rain

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With a harsh, desert climate and an average rainfall of just four inches (10 cm) un año, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) needs more freshwater. In search of a solution, it has been funding science projects from aroun...

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