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Sobre 60 million under winter weather alerts as rain and snow impact the East Coast

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The cold weather sweeping through much of the US is still going to be around Friday, but the good news is that it's expected to warm up this weekend and into next week. sin embargo, right now there are still over 60 mi...

Five million people under evacuation order in Japan as rain batters south coast

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Más que 5 million residents in Japan have been ordered to evacuate their homes due to the threat of flooding and landslides, as torrential rains batter the country's southwestern tip. The strongest evacuation warn...

Hombre rescatado después de que la casa se deslizara de sus cimientos en Seattle después de fuertes lluvias

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Los bomberos de Seattle rescataron a un hombre atrapado en el sótano de su casa después de que "se deslizó 15-20 pies fuera de su base" durante un deslizamiento de tierra, dijeron las autoridades el viernes. "El área de pendiente empinada detrás de la casa se había deslizado como....

Heavy rain brings flash flood emergency to Alabama, Southeastern states

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A flash flood emergency in Alabama knocked out power for tens of thousands of customers, toppled trees and forced boat rescues on city streets and highways. PREVISIÓN METEOROLÓGICA NACIONAL: DESTRUCTIVE STORMS TO FINALLY EX...

Lluvia, flooding potential across East as wind increases western wildfire threats

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TROPICAL CYCLONE NICHOLAS REMNANTS POSE HEAVY RAIN, FLOOD THREATS Flood advisories on the East Coast (Crédito: Fox News) An approaching cold front will also bring the risk for severe storms, with cool...

Rain delays finish of NASCAR Cup Series Dover race to Monday

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Kyle Larson was leading the Duramax Drydene 400 when race was red-flagged, followed by his teammate Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney and Martin Truex Jr. Martin Truex Jr. won rain-delayed events at Dover in 2007 ...

Lluvia Pesada, flash flooding across Midwest as thunderstorms hit Gulf Coast

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A stalled front will bring heavy rain and flash flooding across the same region and into the Ohio Valley through Saturday morning.

A ‘potentially significantstorm could hit the East Coast with rain and snow during the busy Thanksgiving travel week

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Thanksgiving is just over a week away, but holiday travel will start as early as Friday for some. A significant storm has the potential to disrupt travel plans from the Midwest to the Northeast during one of the bu...

Las vacunas Covid-19 debían ser rescatadas en barco ya que las fuertes lluvias causaron inundaciones en Kentucky

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Un lote de vacunas Covid-19 tuvo que ser rescatado en barco después de que las fuertes lluvias amenazaran el suministro de energía en un centro de salud de Kentucky., de acuerdo con el gobernador. Andy Beshear. Las dosis fueron rescatadas del Departamento de Salud del Condado de Lee..

Rain fell at the normally snowy summit of Greenland for the first time on record

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For the first time on record, precipitation on Saturday at the summit of Greenland — roughly two miles above sea level — fell as rain and not snow. Temperatures at the Greenland summit over the weekend rose above f...

Winter storm to bring freezing rain, ice, snow potential to Plains and Midwest

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BETTY WHITE-OUT? MICHIGAN NAMES SNOWPLOW AFTER LEGENDARY ACTRESS Southeast futuretrack (Crédito: Fox News) Depending on where you live and the air temperature as the storm moves in, there is the possi...

Más lluvia cayó en Lake Charles, Luisiana, el lunes que durante los dos huracanes dañinos del año pasado

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Lluvias torrenciales cayeron en partes del sureste de Texas y el suroeste de Louisiana el lunes, lo que provocó peligrosas inundaciones repentinas en toda la región.. Granizo del tamaño de una pelota de béisbol amenaza a Texas nuevamente como riesgo de inundación..

Cooler temperatures felt in regions across US as front brings risk of storms, heavy rain

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THE FIRST FREEZE OF THE SEASON: HOW TO PREPARE Forecast Radar Friday (Crédito: Fox News) Temperatures will also start to cool off following above-average heat that has been hanging on to the Central P...

Half a million Indians flee floods in northeast brought by rain

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Guwahati, IndiaMore than half a million people have fled their homes in India's northeastern state of Assam to escape heavy floods triggered by pre-monsoon rains that drowned seven, authorities said on Wednesday, como ...

Yankees, Angels postponed with rain in forecast

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The game was rescheduled for Aug. 16, a Monday when the Yankees were scheduled to be off following a trip that ends in Chicago and before a homestand against Boston and Minnesota. Los Angeles was off following a game...

Canadian farmers rescue cows from floods after a month’s worth of rain in two days

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A flotilla of motorboats, canoes, dinghies and jet-skis helmed by farmers raced to move dozens of trapped cows from frigid waters as floods hit the Canadian province of British Columbia. After a month's worth of rai...

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