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RuPaul has a new namesakeand it’s a fabulous, rainbow-colored fly

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Drag culture's far-reaching influence on society was affirmed on Wednesday, when Australian entomologists announced they have named a fly species after RuPaul -- the titan of drag queens. The soldier fly, whose Lati...

UEFA declines Munich application for rainbow-colored stadium

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Bundesliga clubs in Bremen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Wolfsburg, Augsburg and the two in Berlin will light up their venues during Wednesday’s final group game in Munich in response to UEFA’s decision to deny the city counc...

Calls made for Germany’s Euro 2020 game against Hungary to be played in rainbow-colored stadium

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The Euro 2020 game between Germany and Hungary could be played in a stadium lit with rainbow-colored lights. That's after a motion was put forward by the Munich city council to change the lighting pattern on the ou...

Munich wants rainbow-colored stadium for game with Hungary

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Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter said Sunday he was going to write to UEFA to ask for permission for Germany’s stadium to be lit up with the colors as a sign against homophobia and intolerance when the team plays Hungary o...