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Betekenis. Katoen, Romney to propose raising federal minimum wage to $10 with phased approach

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sluit Video Sen. Tom Cotton proposes $ 10 minimum wage to be phased in after pandemic Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., discusses his proposal and weighs in on the proposed COVID-19 stimulus bill on ‘America Reports.’ ...

A security guard biked more than 3 miles to return a woman’s lost wallet. Nou, his community is raising money to buy him a car

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One couple in Hawaii got an unexpected delivery earlier this month after a security guard from a local grocery store turned up at their front door. Chloe Marino said she was in a hurry at a Foodland grocery store in...

An Alabama woman is raising 12 kids after her sister and brother-in-law died from Covid-19

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Francesca McCall and her younger sister Chantale had always promised to take care of each other's kids if anything ever happened to either. When Chantale died in September from Covid-19, her sister, who was already ...

Kanadese natuurbewaarders maak groot $1.7 miljoen om 'n eiland te koop en ontwikkelaars af te weer

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'N Stigting in British Columbia, Kanada, samel geld in om West Ballenas Island te koop, 'n onontwikkelde enklawe ryk met 'n pragtige uitsig, seldsame plante, bedreigde spesies en uiteenlopende seelewe. The BC Parks Fou...

'N Man in Kalifornië het die tienjarige meisie van verdrinking gered. Nou samel die meisie en haar ma geld in om die held se droomtroue te help betaal

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Die Whiting-gesin het hul laaste vakansie op 'n sonnige strand in Monterey geniet, Kalifornië, toe die 10-jarige Haylee Whiting in 'n skeurstroom vasgevang is. Haylee se ma, Samantha Whiting sit op die sak..

Dr. Cameron Webb: Behandeling van COVID pasiënte, verhoging 2 kinders en hardloop in 'n noue huiswedloop

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sluit video se topopskrifte vir Oktober 21 CHARLOTTESVILLE, sal. - Elke ander week, Dr. Cameron Webb’s busy life gets a little busier. He has two kids, teaches at the University of Virginia’s School of Medi...

Coronavirus relief funds for nursing homes dry up, raising fears for elderly, kwesbaar

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close Video FBI raids Pennsylvania nursing home linked to coronavirus outbreak Pennsylvania nursing home outbreak; David Lee Miller reports. As drafts of a renewed coronavirus relief package continue to be de...

Subject of NY Times podcast ‘Caliphate’ arrested for faking his ISIS past, raising questions about audio series

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close Video ISIS could exploit coronavirus pandemic to carry out terror attacks, EU officials warns A Canadian man who was the subject of a New York Times podcast called “Caliphate” was arrested last week for ...

There is a new world record for tallest mohawk and it’s a hair raising accomplishment

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There is a new world record for the tallest Mohican mohawk, and it will give you all kinds of hair envy. Joseph Grisamore, of Park Rapids, Minnesota, checks in with a mohawk fan over 42.5 inches tall, the Guinness ...

Angelina Jolie gives generous donation to boys’ lemonade stand raising money for Yemen

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close Video top entertainment headlines for September 14 top vermaak en celebrity nuus is hier. kliek vandag in vermaak. Angelina Jolie made an “extremely generous” donation to two 6-y...

‘Coastal Elitesvents about Trump, while raising the bar on quarantine TV

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"Coastal Elites" wears its heart on its political sleeve, and the disdain for President Trump and all that he represents in this HBO special is searing and palpable. Yet while the five monologues presented don't see...