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McAuliffe references raising 5 children in Virginia in touting public schools — 4 went to private

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Education has been a major focus of the race between McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin, as they have been at odds over parental involvement in curriculum development. MCAULIFFE REPEATS ‘4 PINOCCHIO’ CORONAVIRU...


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担当者. ケンカルバート, R-Calif。, 彼はホワイトハウスに質問のリストを送ったとフォックスニュースに語った, タリバンによってバグラムから釈放された囚人の正確な数に関する情報を提供するよう要求する, そしてどのようにアドミ...

中国と台湾の緊張が紛争の恐れを高めている. 台北で, しかしながら, 人々は心配していないようです

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台北, 台湾中国はここ数週間で台湾への圧力を強めています, 自治島の近くで数十機の戦闘機を飛ばし、地域全体を端に追いやった強さを示しています. しかし、台湾の公園で。.

タホ, リノ地域は煙のために国内で最悪の大気質を持っています, Covidの急増について懸念を表明

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カリフォルニアとリノのタホ湖周辺の空気, ネバダ, 今週は茶色の煙で濃厚です, そしてこの地域は国内で群を抜いて最悪の大気質を経験しています, CaldorFireがtを通り抜けるとき。.

Ga. Lt. 政府. Duncan: How we RE-fund our law enforcement agencies without raising taxes or increasing debt

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These stories have become far too common this summer all across our country and have taken over our political discourse. One year after "Defund the Police" became the default movement of the left, the next mayor of ...

4 tips on raising confident children: parenting experts

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It’s also a value that may be challenging to teach, though there are skilled professionals who have mastered the craft of confidence-building. Fox News consulted with psychologists and child development experts on th...

ActBlue reports record start to midterm cycle, 上げる $289 million during the second quarter

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Democratic donors donated $ 289 million through the online fundraising platform ActBlue during the second quarter of this year, in what the group touts as a sign of early grassroots energy ahead of next year's hotl...

担当者. Jordan accuses Pelosi of kicking him off Jan. 6 Capitol commission for raising ‘fundamental’ 質問

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Jordan was rejected along with Rep. Jim Banks from Indiana – two strong allies of former President Donald Trump – from joining the committee formed to investigate the cause of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and offer recomm...

Four parents of transgender boys on the challenges and joys of raising their sons in a world that can be hostile

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For over half an hour on a March afternoon, Arkansas legislators, activists and pediatricians outlined reasons why they considered gender-affirming health care dangerous, arguing in support of a bill that would ban ...

Khloe Kardashian on raising her biracial child as a White mom

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Khloe Kardashian is the mother of a biracial child and wants to fully embrace that. Appearing on Leomie Anderson's "Role Model" podcast the reality star/entrepreneur talked about raising her 3-year-old daughter, Tru...

Personal threats, election lies and punishing new laws rattle election officials, raising fears of a mass exodus

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Maribeth Witzel-Behl had run elections in Madison, ウィスコンシン, にとって 15 years when the 2020 election arrived, bringing challenges like no other: a global pandemic, a crushing workload, lawsuits and a recount. Then the ...

Potential Herschel Walker Senate run in Georgia raising some GOP concerns

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"They love him in Georgia, I’ll tell you," Trump said last week in a radio interview. FIVE BIG QUESTIONS AS THE GOP TRIES TO WIN BACK THE SENATE IN 2022 But the increasing likelihood of a Walker candidacy has some G...

オオカミは衝撃的なライブショーの間に中国でパフォーマーを追いかけます, 安全への懸念を高める

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中国でのライブショー中に舞台を横切って俳優を追いかけるオオカミを示すビデオは、出演者と観客の安全について警鐘を鳴らしました. クリップ, 西安の北西部の都市の劇場で撮影されました, w.。.

熱波が東に押し寄せる, 今週末の主要都市の気温上昇

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今週は西が焼けるように, 熱は動いている. この熱波が東に押し寄せるように, より多い 160 記録は週末までに破られる可能性がある. 熱の警告と勧告は、カリフォルニア州から拡張されています...

何百マイルも歩く海軍の退役軍人, ベテランのメンタルヘルスへの意識向上

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彼らは、パナマ シティー ビーチのコンサベーション パークの小道を歩く、靴下と靴を脱いでいる 2 人の男性を見ています。, フロリダ. "歩いてた 22 マイル," バルジャーはフォックスニュースに語った, 誇らしげに彼の足の汚れと擦り傷を示しています. でもそれは...

ルイジアナ州のワニがサウステキサスのビーチで発見されました 400 miles away, raising questions about how it got there

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When members of the National Park Service's (NPS) turtle patrol were scouting the South Texas shore for sea turtles, they spotted an unusual visitor -- an American alligator. The alligator was discovered on the sand...

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