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Oregon, Iowa enter top 5; Arkansas has 1st ranking since ’16

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The Ducks' victory over Ohio State earned them a promotion from No. 12 na Nee. 4. Another impressive defensive performance by Iowa in the Cy-Hawk Trophy game pushed the Hawkeyes from No. 10 na Nee. 5. Arkansas, mede ...

Same county tops healthiest US community ranking for the second year in a row

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As the country reopens in an ongoing pandemic, Los Alamos County, New Mexico, has been ranked the healthiest US community for the second year in a row. Located roughly 40 miles from Sante Fe, the county is home to ...

Whoa, Nelly! A major title for Korda and No. 1 world ranking

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With one round, she became a major champion for the first time and reached No. 1 in die wêreld. "Is this week even real?" Herhaaldelik. "It's amazing." Just like her performance Sunday in the KPMG Women's PGA Champ...

Atlanta loses ‘busiest airportranking due to COVID-19, verslag vind

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Hartsfield-Jackson International had made that boast for 22 jare, but due to a plunge in air travel due to the coronavirus pandemic, the honor has gone to an airport in China, according to a new report. Vroeër hierdie ...