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Top US military officer ready to ‘rapidlyevacuate Afghan interpreters, if ordered

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Die VSA. military’s top officer told Fox News the American military is ready to evacuate them, but it's not up to him. "There are plans being developed very, very rapidly here for not just interpreters, but a lot of ...

A rapidly developing tropical cyclone poses a significant threat to Northwest India and Pakistan

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A developing tropical cyclone over the Arabian Sea is forecast to strengthen significantly into named Cyclone Tauktae over the weekend and pose a potentially catastrophic threat to portions of India and Pakistan nex...

A rapidly growing southern California fire forced 500 evacuations, amptenare sê

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Oor 500 residents were evacuated from a San Diego County campground over the weekend as officials work to contain a rapidly growing wildfire. The blaze -- dubbed the Southern Fire -- has scorched more than 6,500 ...

New Mexico Three Rivers Fire grows rapidly overnight

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Authorities said Tuesday night that the blaze had expanded from 6,100 acres to approximately 12,000 hektaar. TORNADOES TOUCH DOWN IN TEXAS; SEVERE WEATHER EXPECTED IN SOUTHEAST The fire is now 5% contained and some ev...

How the Covid-19 hesitant population is declining rapidly

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The release of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine and its partnership with Merck means that President Joe Biden expects the US to have enough Covid-19 vaccines delivered to cover every adult by the end of May....

Tropical Storm Eta expected to rapidly intensify over the next 24 hours and bring catastrophic conditions to Central America

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Tropical Storm Eta is expected to rapidly intensify over the next 24 hours as it churns in the Caribbean Sea toward Nicaragua, bringing with it devastating conditions, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC...

Utah het elke telefoon in die staat 'n noodwaarskuwing gestuur oor die vinnig stygende gevalle van Covid-19 en oorweldigende hospitale

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Die alarmwekkende waarskuwing is gestuur aan almal in Utah wat 'n telefoon gehad het wat een kon ontvang: die staat het 'n rekordgetal van Covid-19-sake bereik, en dit was tyd om ernstig te word. "Staat van Utah: COVID-19 word versprei ...

Byna 70,000 mense onder verpligte ontruimingsbevele, aangesien twee nuwe veldbrande in Suid-Kalifornië vinnig versprei het

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Verpligte ontruimings is vir ongeveer bestel 70,000 inwoners in Orange County, Kalifornië, terwyl brandweermanne aanhou veg teen twee nuwe veldbrande -- die Silverado Fire en Blue Ridge Fire -- wat gegroei het ...

Colorado’s East Troublesome Fire is growing rapidly and forcing evacuations

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Grand County, Colorado, officials issued mandatory evacuations in response to the East Troublesome Fire -- a powerful blaze that's been exacerbated by windy and dry weather conditions and intensified significantly i...