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No. 1 rarely slips after ranked win

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The result Sunday was Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State all dropped in The Associated Press college football poll for the second time this season. The fourth-ranked Sooners slipped one spot. The ninth-ranked Tigers fe...

Those convicted of violent crimes are rarely rearrested for the same offense, rapporto trova

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Zerious Meadows was 16 when a Michigan judge sentenced him to life without the possibility of parole for participating in a felony murder. Adesso, a 67, Meadows is free. During 20 del 47 years Meadows was in pris...

People rarely leave conversations when they want tohere’s how to change it

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You've been chatting with someone for 20 minuti, but the conversation grew stale halfway through. You look around the room, desperate to find an escape from this tedious monologue but can't come up with a polite w...