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Black adults report bias in health care at higher rates than White and Latino people, studie bevind

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Black adults were more likely than their White and Latino/Hispanic counterparts to report having been discriminated against or judged unfairly by a health care provider or their staff in the months leading up to and...

Covid geval en sterftesyfers was hoër in GOP-geleide state in die tweede helfte van 2020, studie bevind

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In die tweede helfte van 2020, Republieke-geleide state het hoër Covid-19-gevalle en sterftesyfers gehad as state wat deur demokrate gelei is, volgens 'n studie wat Dinsdag in die American Journal of Preventive Medicine gepubliseer is. S ...

New York officials plan to redouble efforts to fix racial disparities in vaccination rates

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New York New York officials acknowledged Monday there's a clear racial disparity among the people who have received vaccine doses to date and the city needs to redouble its efforts to address inequitable access. "Ons ...

Record-setting infection rates and more: The week’s most startling Covid-19 statistics

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As the United States approaches 9 million Covid-19 cases, the country keeps racking up infection rates and other statistics that alarm experts. FOLLOW THE LATEST UPDATES On Thursday, the country reported a record-se...

Neighborhoods at risk for Covid see disproportionately high eviction rates

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When Umu Conteh first learned she had tested positive for Covid-19 this summer, the nursing assistant was terrified for her two young daughters. But the virus was only the start of her troubles: Her illness left her...