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‘I’m just so embarrassed’: Bono really isn’t U2’s biggest fan

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U2 may be one of the biggest rock bands on the planet, but its lead singer Bono is harboring some grievances around the group's name and the songs he's written and performed throughout their 46 years together. En un ...

Lindsey Vonn opens up about her depression battle: ‘I realized something was really wrong’

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The 37-year-old is the most successful female ski racer of all time with 82 World Cup victories. But these days, she’s celebrating a new triumph. After going public with her decades-long battle with depression in 201...

Exclusivo: Mike Pompeo tells Fox News Digital how he really lost all that weight

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There were no tricks, no gimmicks, no surgery, no hired professionals making the call, he indicated during the interview. Pompeyo, en lugar de, pushed forward beginning last summer with a steadfast personal resolve to ge...

Ben Affleck worries about how public perception of him might affect his children: ‘That’s really tough

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Affleck, 49, spoke about his public perception in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "I got to a place where [the public perception] was so different from who I am that I just stopped reading and stopped caring...

Chicago teacher with cancer pushes for in-person classes: ‘I learned at the end of life what really matters

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Desde entonces, Ocol, who has been with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system for 17 years as both a teacher and after-school chess mentor, has promised himself and his students that he will come into class whenever po...

vaqueros’ Amari Cooper hoping to get chance to jolt offense: ‘We’re not really as explosive as we should be

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While the Cowboys are on a three-game winning streak, Cooper expressed his frustration with the offensive struggles the team has been dealing with. He said he thinks he could help the offense if he had the opportunit...

Does turkey really make you sleepy?

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En lugar de, food and sleep experts say holiday drowsiness likely comes from feasting and energy exertion. "Folklore has it that the tryptophan-rich turkey is the reason behind the prevalence of snoozers sprawled out in ...

Judge Jeanine ‘stunnedat Kim Potter guilty verdict: ‘None of us really expected it

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"I must tell you, I was stunned at the verdict," Pirro said on "The Story." "It is a kind of verdict that, sabes, none of us really expected, especially the top count of manslaughter in the first degree. This woma...

Family’s funny Christmas card tradition embraces holiday chaos: ‘What parenting really felt like

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Jonathan and Jessica Stanley began their unique photo tradition in 2014, and each year they’ve created humorous "disaster" scenes that capture what Christmas chaos looks like. "Shortly after we had our first child w...

‘We really don’t have a plan’: Biden’s climate promises are sunk without Build Back Better, los expertos dicen

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Multiple independent analyses have found President Joe Biden simply can't hit his goal of cutting greenhouse gases by 50% by the end of the decade without the clean energy provisions in Build Back Better, the Presid...

‘Tis better to give than to receive. No, De Verdad, está!

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Doing good is actually good for you, studies show. So why not start some new holiday traditions that are both fun and altruistic? Getting your loved ones together to assemble gifts for the less fortunate is easier ...

Keanu Reeves aborda fotos virales de él luciendo triste, comparte cómo se sentía realmente

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El actor de 57 años ha sido objeto de un meme viral desde 2010 cuando una foto del "Matriz" actor que miraba particularmente hacia abajo comenzó a circular en línea. En la foto, apodado "triste Keanu," un Reeves de pelo corto se sienta ...

Billie Eilish says watching porn from age 11 ‘really destroyed my brain

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Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish has spoken about an addiction to watching pornography, starting at age 11, and how it gave her nightmares and messed her up when she started dating. Eilish, quien gira 20 on Saturd...

El novato de los vaqueros Micah Parsons’ la confianza alcanza nuevas alturas: "Realmente no creo que la NFL sea difícil’

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La estrella novato claramente ha marcado la diferencia para los Dallas Cowboys esta temporada., y no solo es un candado para ganar el premio al Novato Defensivo del Año, Parsons tiene una oportunidad real de reclamar el título como la liga..

Kellyanne Conway on ‘Faulkner Focus’: Independents have really turned against Joe Biden

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BIDEN'S APPROVAL RATING ON CRIME TANKS AMID RISE IN SMASH-AND-GRAB ROBBERIES KELLYANNE CONWAY: [Demócratas] don’t seem to understand the error of their ways. They are out of sync with what most Americans are saying ab...

Gowdy: Biden should ‘switch partiesto see what ‘nonstop negative pressreally looks like

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The Fox News host on Sunday tore into the White House for reportedly begging news organizations to give Biden more "favorable" press coverage as his failures surrounding inflation and gas prices continue to dominate ...

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