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Judge Jeanine questions why Hillary Clinton ‘keeps bringing up bogus reasons why she lost

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ジャッジジェニーン: This country is going to hell in a handbasket, and you know it. America today is a land of total chaos and confusion. Career criminals roam freely among us. Maniacs burn down Christmas trees. Flash and...

Dolphins beat Jets and the reasons they could factor for a playoff berth

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Dream of the Miami Dolphins factoring the final six weeks of this season and maybe even sneaking into the playoff conversation. ええ, crazy right, especially when one considers the Dolphins started this season 1-7. B.。.

Reasons abound for Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ 闘争

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He's a sleep-deprived new dad who spent too much time doing commercials and endorsements in the offseason. He was galivanting around the world, popping up in exotic locales or at celebrity golf tournaments, rather th...

3 reasons why Donald Trump’s new social media company is doomed to fail

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ドナルド・トランプは -- 最終的に -- getting into the social media game. After a series of fits and starts, Trump announced the formation of TRUTH Social on Wednesday night -- an effort, he insisted, に "stand up to the ty...

ランドポール: コロナウイルス抗体の分布は社会主義によって行き詰まる可能性があります, その他の「政治的理由」

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ポールは、民主党がワシントンを運営していると示唆した, 命を救う可能性のある抗体は、supplの基本概念を強調する資本主義的計画ではなく、社会主義的思考に従って配布される可能性があります。.

TV OT: What to watch before bed. プラス, AppleTV+’s big push and 9 reasons to keep watching ‘Nine Perfect Strangers

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TV OTは、CNNのエンターテインメントチームが見ているものを毎週見ています。テレビが多すぎると、私たち全員が残業しているからです。. At some point when I was about halfway through the film "Midsommar" and someone was being bl...

6 オリンピックの最終日を見る理由

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第32回オリンピックのすべてのスターがすでに競争しているように見えるかもしれません, しかし、日曜日に試合が終了する前に金のために戦っているアメリカ人が何人かいます. ビーチバレーのデュオが行く予定です。.

トミー・ドルフマム, ’13の理由’ 星, トランスジェンダーの女性として自分自身を祝っています

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トミー・ドーフマンがトランスジェンダーの女性として自己紹介しました, 言うためにソーシャルメディアに連れて行く "私の代名詞は彼女/彼女です。" "この道を歩いたすべてのトランスジェンダーの人に特に感謝しています, 障壁を打ち破った, そして ...

ジェイソン・チャフェッツ: 7月 4, 2021: 5 reasons to be grateful for America this Independence Day

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Instead of focusing on what went wrong over the past year and a half, we should consider what went right. Because no matter how difficult our circumstances, the spirit of America cannot be broken. Though the list of...

はい, okra! 5 reasons to love this underrated ingredient

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You probably love okra, and you don't even know it yet. Most people who think they don't like okra fall into two categories, according to Sheri Castle, の作者 "The New Southern Garden Cookbook" and self-proclaime...

Ex-Amb. Jim Gilmore: Biden-Putin summit – here are the reasons why this meeting shouldn’t take place

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The proposed meeting comes at a time in which Russia is likely behind significant cyberattacks against the U.S. infrastructure and while Putin’s opponents are being suppressed. Putin’s meeting with the leader of the...

NYC councilman on crime spike: ‘I’m running out of reasons to tell people to stay

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BORELLI: For eighteen months, New York's woke Democrats have systematically eroded criminal justice and empowered criminals. There was bail reform, 警察の資金を払い戻す, and ending qualified immunity. Recently it was...

He had to drop out of Morgan State for financial reasons. Now he’s given $20 million to the university

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もっと刺激を与えたい, ポジティブなニュース? The GoodStuffにサインアップする, 人生の善のためのニュースレター. 毎週土曜日の朝に受信トレイが明るくなります. Two years after Calvin Tyler first enrolled at Morgan State ...

3 reasons why a ‘center rightparty will never work

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The news was intriguing: のグループ 120 Republicans held a meeting in the last week to talk about the possibility of forming a "彼女と彼女の夫は後に一人っ子の生命のない体を特定しました" party or a new faction within the GOP to signal a clear break from former...

US Postal Service removing mailboxes for security reasons ahead of inauguration

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The US Postal Service has temporarily removed some mailboxes in several major cities across the country, a security measure ahead of next week's inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. Mail collection has been su...

ザ・ 2 BIG reasons why we aren’t likely to see the election called on November 3

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The big question heading into the final weekend of the 2020 campaign is this: Will we know who won the White House on Tuesday? The answer is that we might know, but it is very unlikely that the election will be call...