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Tsjad se militêre regering onderteken vredesooreenkoms met rebellegroepe in Doha

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Tsjad se oorgangsregering het Maandag in Doha ’n vredesooreenkoms met rebellegroepe onderteken, volgens die Qatari Ministerie van Buitelandse Sake. Egter, hoofrebellegroep Front for Change and Concord (FEIT) het nie ...

Australian columnist Andrew Hornery admits mistakes in Rebel Wilson ‘outing’ omstredenheid

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Brisbane, Australia An Australian newspaper columnist has apologized for a story that appeared to accuse actor Rebel Wilson of spoiling his attempts to out her as gay. In a new column published Monday, Sydney Morning...

Rebel Wilson says she’s dating a woman after finding her ‘Disney Princess

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Rebel Wilson has revealed that she is a member of the LGBTQ community during Pride Month by introducing the world to her "Disney Princess." Die "Pitch Perfect," star who has only ever publicly dated men, took to In...

Rebel Wilson reveals new relationship with girlfriend Ramona Agruma, found her ‘Disney Princess

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The 42-year-old actress wrapped her arm around Agruma in the social share where she announced: "I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess." [object Window].

Afghan rebel group asks for Biden’s support, warns of new terror threats

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In 'n verklaring aan Fox News Digital, the NFR's head of foreign relations, Ali Maisam Nazary, said the time for action is now. "Our message to the Biden administration is to not make the same mistake the Clinton admin...

Rebel Wilson is off the dating app and in a new relationship

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Rebel Wilson says she didn't really date in her twenties as she was focused on making it in Hollywood. But the 42-year-old is "now happily in a relationship." During an appearance on the podcast "U Up?" Wilson talke...

Douglas Murray rips Disney for ‘woke ideologyin leaked video: ‘Customers should rebel against this

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WALT DISNEY WOULD BE ‘ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE' OVER PANY'S ‘WOKENESS,’ FLORIDA PARK GOER SAYS DOUGLAS MURRAY: What it shows is, as so many companies in America have shown, is that they really are not focused on wha...

8 UN peacekeepers killed in Congo helicopter crash amid rebel fighting

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Eight United Nations peacekeepers died in a helicopter crash Tuesday in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRK) amid rebel fighting in the region, the UN peacekeeping mission confirmed. The helicopter was on...

Rebel News journalist: I was assaulted by Ottawa police at point-blank range

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared a state of emergency amid a "[object Window]" demonstration, in which Truckers and protesters opposed to COVID-19 restrictions shut down the capital city of Ottawa by causing a b...

Amnesty International accuses Tigrayan rebel fighters of gang-raping children in Ethiopia

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Fighters affiliated with the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) have been accused of committing atrocities including gang rape and assault in Ethiopia's Amhara region, according to a new Amnesty International...

Rebel Wilson sê sy het 'pushback' gekry’ van haar span oor gewigsverlies

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Volgens Rebel Wilson, nie almal in haar bestuurspan was opgewonde oor haar gewigsverliesreis nie. Die "Pitch Perfect" star het haar fiksheidstransformasie vir meer as 'n jaar op sosiale media gedokumenteer. Wils...

Leader and founder of Peruvian Shining Path rebel group dies in prison

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Abimael Guzman, the founder of the Peruvian rebel group Shining Path, known as 'Sendero Luminoso' in Spanish, died in prison on Saturday, according to the country's National Penitentiary Institute. Hy was 86. A Maoi...

Rebel Wilson posts selfie in plunging blue swimsuit while on yacht

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Rebel Wilson posted three sensual thirst traps to Instagram on Monday after a fun-filled Fourth of July weekend. Die "How To Be Single" ster, 41, snapped the sexy selfies with a rope in her mouth as she relaxed on th...

Liberian rebel sentenced in Switzerland for war crimes, cannibalism

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GenevaA Liberian rebel commander was sentenced in Switzerland to 20 years in jail on Friday for rape, killings and an act of cannibalism, in one of the first ever convictions over the West African country's civil war...

Peru’s Shining Path rebel group kills 16 ahead of presidential elections, says military

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Peruvian authorities say members of the Shining Path rebel group have killed 16 mense, twee kinders ingesluit, in a poverty-stricken, coca-growing region southeast of the capital, Lima. According to a statement rel...

German Catholic clergy rebel against Vatican over same-sex unions

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German Catholic theologians and clergy have mobilized against a recent ruling from the Vatican that said the Catholic Church would not bless same-sex unions. Die beslissing "is characterized by a paternalistic gesture o...

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