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Reborn DeLorean unveiled as Tesla Model S-rivaling gullwing coupe

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The legendary nameplate is being resurrected by the Texas-based company that owns the rights to it with a four-seat ‘coupe' called the Alpha5 that features the DeLorean DMC-12's iconic gullwing doors. Despite only ha...

Volkswagen Microbus reborn as ID. Buzz electric minivan

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Five years after it was previewed with a concept vehicle at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, the final production version of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz has been revealed. The ID. Buzz is roughly the same size as an...

A genre reborn: Inside the evolution of the rom-com

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A recent episode of the Apple TV+ sitcom "Ted Lasso" features a moment that brings the characters together: a love of rom-coms. In die episode, getiteld "Rainbow," the happy-go-lucky titular character extolls the vir...