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FDA brei Sportmix-herhaling van hondekos uit na 70 honde is glo dood

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Die voedsel- en dwelmadministrasie het 'n herroeping uitgebrei en waarsku troeteldier-eienaars en veeartse oor hoë vlakke van aflatoksien in sommige troeteldierkos ná 70 honde is glo dood en ouer 80 ander was s ...

Is California going to recall *another* governor?

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Fortunes can change in a moment in politics. In the spring of 2020, Kaliforniese goewerneur. Gavin Newsom (D) was riding high, bolstered by his perceived able handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the state. Today he faces...

Toro issues nationwide recall for a snow blower that carries the risk of amputation

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As winter storms sweep the US, you may be using your snow blower more than ever. And if it's made by Toro, it's time to check your model number. The company is recalling around 6,700 Toro Power Max 826 OHAE Snowthro...

Newsom recall proponents gather more than a million signatures

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Leaders of the campaign to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom have now gathered more than a million signatures, according to a new report from the California secretary of state's office that suggests the effort is ...

Facing recall, Kaliforniese goewerneur. Newsom pleads for optimism and patience

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Facing a recall effort that has threatened his political future, Kaliforniese goewerneur. Gavin Newsom acknowledged Tuesday night the fatigue and frustration that many Californians are feeling after a year of sacrifices. Hierdie ...

Three months after aflatoxin recall, Midwestern Pet Foods recalls dog and cat foods over salmonella risk

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Three months after Midwestern Pet Foods recalled some of its products because of a risk of aflatoxin poisoning, the company is pulling dozens more of its pet foods off the shelves. The concern this time is salmonell...

CBS’ ’60 Minutesignores Cuomo scandals, Newsom recall, in favor of widely panned DeSantis hit piece

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Even as Cuomo fights for his political life amid allegations by his own state Attorney General that the governor deliberately undercounted coronavirus nursing home deaths, as well as multiple sexual harassment accusa...

VP Harris is the latest White House official to appear with California Gov. Newsom amid recall effort

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Top members of the Biden White House have appeared with California's embattled Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, twice over the last week -- a signal of support for a politician who is likely to face a recall elect...

‘Duck Dynasty’ alums Korie and Willie Robertson recall ‘ugly commentsmade about their biracial son

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The reality TV alums were joined by "Love and Hip Hop" cast members Yandy Smith-Harris and her husband Mendeecees Harris, wat swart is. Joining the conversation was the Robertsons' son Will, who they adopted when he...

Caitlyn Jenner considering running for governor of California as Gavin Newsom faces recall: verslae

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The vocal Republican and former reality TV star, 71, is said to be "actively exploring" a run for governor of California, volgens Axios, which cited three sources close to the situation. Per die uitlaat, die 1976...

Grenell group seeks to reshape California politics beyond recall: Californians want ‘permanent change

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Die groep, geroep "Fix California," is in the model of Stacey Abrams' highly successful "Fair Fight" in Georgië, focusing on voter registration and issue advocacy. Voormalige Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., made a similar mo...

Wetsontwerp op die Senaat van CA verander die herroepingsreëls namate Newsom verdwyn

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S.B. 663 sou onderdane soos Newsom toegang gee tot die name en inligting van diegene wat versoekskrifte onderteken waarin hulle gevra word om hulle amp te verwyder, hoewel die wetsontwerp nie die huidige herroeping teen die reg sou beïnvloed nie..

Mary Carey, former porn star, running for California governor as Newsom faces recall

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Mary Carey announced this week she's running for California governor, as the former adult actress joins a crowded field of candidates looking to replace Newsom, 'n demokraat, in the event the recall effort triggers a s...

Caitlyn Jenner announces run for California governor in likely recall election

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Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympian and reality TV star, announced Friday she plans to run to replace California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in an expected recall election later this year. "I'm in! California is wo...

Newsom recall effort meets verified signature threshold, California Secretary of State says

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The California Secretary of State said on Monday that the threshold of verified signatures reported by counties, which was set at 1,495,709, had been met. The campaign collected more than 1.6 million verified signatu...

Arnold Schwarzenegger weighs in in on the California recall

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The 73-year-old actor and former California governor has addressed the news of the current Gov. Gavin Newsom's upcoming recall, as well as reality star Caitlyn Jenner's bid for the seat. Maandag, it was announced t...

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