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Hot Pockets recalled over potential glass and plastic contamination

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Those Hot Pockets in your freezer could contain something more dangerous than piping hot cheese. Nestlé Prepared Foods is recalling certain pepperoni Hot Pockets over concerns they may be contaminated with pieces of...

11,000 cartons of ice cream are being recalled because they may contain metal pieces

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Before you settle down for a bowl of your favorite frozen treat, beware of mouthful of metal pieces. A recall has been issued for more than 11,000 containers of Weis Markets ice cream products that may be contamina...

Some Lean Cuisine meals recalled after complaints of plastic contamination

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If you're thinking about having a Lean Cuisine meal for dinner tonight, you might want to rethink your dinner plans. After several consumer complaints, Nestlé Prepared Foods is recalling more than 92,000 pounds of ...

Some Trader Joe’s frozen Lightly Salted Edamame have been recalled due to listeria

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Trader Joe's shoppers, look out. Tesoros Trading Co. is recalling some of its frozen Trader Joe's Lightly Salted Edamame products because they may be contaminated with listeria, according to an announcement from the...

Romaine in ten minste 15 state vrywillig herroep oor moontlike E. coli-risiko, FDA sê

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'N Beperkte aantal gevalle van organiese Romaanse blaarslaaiharte is herroep weens die moontlike risiko van E.. coli. Die Amerikaanse voedsel- en dwelmadministrasie het Saterdag aangekondig dat Dole Fresh Groente, Ing. vrywilligers ...

More recalled Biden as winning the election

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Although President Donald Trump falsely claimed victory and refused to concede the 2020 presidentsverkiesing, Americans largely got the message that President-elect Joe Biden won and Trump lost, according to the fi...

Type 2 diabetes drug metformin recalled due to contamination with possible carcinogen

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Two lots of a widely used type 2 diabetes medication, metformin, are being recalled due to possible contamination with a potentially cancer-causing compound. Metformin is designed to lower glucose levels. Nostrum L...

Oor 4,400 pond van handelaar Joe se vis is herroep

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Orca Bay Foods onthou meer as 350 gevalle van Trader Joe se handelsmerk Glutenvrye beslagde heilbot omdat die vis verpak is sonder om melk of koring as allergene op te noem. Sover, daar was nog geen siektes nie..

Some Cottonelle flushable wipes have been recalled for possible bacterial contamination

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Kimberly-Clark is recalling some of its Cottonelle Flushable Wipes products due to the possible presence of bacteria that can lead to infection in some individuals. The bacteria detected in the affected packages of...

A diabetes drug has been recalled because it contains high levels of cancer-causing agent

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A widely-used diabetes drug has been recalled after manufacturers found it contained unacceptably high levels of a cancer-causing contaminant. Indian pharmaceutical company Marksans Pharma Limited is recalling metf...

Appel- en pynappelskywe onder vrugte by Walmart herroep as gevolg van listeria-bedreiging

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Verpakte vrugte wat deur Walmart verkoop word, word herroep weens die moontlike besmetting van Listeria monocytogenes. Land vars, wat voorafgesnyde appels verpak, druiwe, mango's, pynappels en kantaloep vir verspreiding na r ...

A multi-state salmonella outbreak that sickened at least 41 people is linked to recalled mushrooms

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Ten minste 41 people are sick in 10 different states after a salmonella outbreak that has been linked to dried wood ear mushrooms, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. The cases started between January...

Rondom 20 DHS intelligence reports recalled in the wake of Portland controversy

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Rondom 20 Department of Homeland Security open source intelligence reports were recalled in the aftermath of revelations this summer that the department had potentially collected and disseminated intelligence on US ...

Three types of dog foods sold nationwide recalled over high levels of mold by-product

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Sunshine Mills has issued a voluntary recall of three dog food products due to high levels of aflatoxin, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring mold by-product and can be ...